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Google Photos introduces a palette of new features. One of them allows storing documents.

Now you can make digital hi-def copies of your documentation and secure them with Google Photos. To access them via the app, simply go to the Search tab and the Documents category will be there.

Google Photos, in combination with Google Lens, will take your docs management to another level. The first one is a cloud service, which allows you to back up pictures and videos.

And the second one is a smart app with an Optical Character Recognition feature (OCR) — it scans and transcribes texts from photos/pics into editable digital scriptures, which can be converted into DOC, PDF and other formats later.

Google keeps on exploring new concepts. A feature dubbed “Daydream” is a VR-based time machine. It allows you to open pictures form your albums in the virtual reality and travel through a memory lane.

Another app — Measure — will be appreciated by handymen of all sorts. It is an app, which allows you to learn the spatial features of any object in the real world with your phone: sofa, table, car wheel, and so on. It offers metric/imperial units, and you can capture pics to refer to them later.

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