Google Tells You to Keep Your Head Up

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Nowadays, when many people literally move around without looking up from their smartphones, a new feature called Heads Up can be very useful and prevent many accidents.

The Digital Wellbeing Initiative was launched by Google in 2018. This initiative has already released many useful tools to help users spend less time on the phone and on the Internet. A fresh addition is a new Android feature called Heads Up. Its purpose is to remind you of the need to be present on the street and look not just at the smartphone screen but your feet and around.

The Heads Up notifications app allows you to use the Android L notification system on any version of the operating system starting from Android 3.0. For the Heads Up service to work properly, Digital Wellbeing must be allowed to have access to the user's physical activity. As an option, the service will also ask for permission to track the device's location.

After installing the program, you will need to activate the Heads Up notifications service in the Accessibility section. After that, all the notifications you receive will be accompanied by the appearance of a small pop-up window with information. Reminders include brief notifications such as "Watch your step", "Be careful", and "Look up". Google notes that it is worth using such a function with caution, as it cannot entirely replace human attentiveness.

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