Google Will Continue to Support Windows 7

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Microsoft may be ready to stop supporting one of its most popular operating systems, but some soft developers are not. And one of them is Google itself. Starting from January 14th, Microsoft will officially end extended support for Windows 7, but millions of people still have it installed. And most of them will probably continue using it, especially considering the popular view of Windows 10.

That means that software developers have to continue supporting the outdated system, or else they risk losing a huge portion of their market. Google understands that really well, so the company has already announced that Google Chrome will be supporting Windows 7 for another 18 months, at the very least. This is meant to give Windows users more time for their transition to Windows 10.

However, the company still warns users about possible risks of using an operating system that does not have any official support anymore. According to Google, it makes your personal data vulnerable to all kinds of threats. Google Chrome may have some features to provide you additional security, but you shouldn't really rely on those features when dealing with especially valuable information.

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