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Great Clips have become even greater! The reason for this is in the two new iOS and Android features that will make the lives of the Great Clips regulars much easier. Let's see what the app can do for you and your hair now.

Helpful Siri

Siri's assistance has always been a blessing, especially when your hands are busy. And now it got a part-time job as a hairdresser's assistant. Great Clips application went through a rethinking stage and now its smooth compatibility with iOS is a wonder on its own. Getting the following info is easy-peezy now:

  • Working hours;
  • Online check-in;
  • Estimated wait time;
  • The nearest Great Clips salon.

To make the magic happen, just open the Great Clips App and say the command: Siri, find the nearest salon or Siri, check me-in at my favorite Great Clips parlor and so forth. There's one crucial detail: before you can give your digital secretary such orders, you should select your favorite salon first. To achieve that:

1) Go to Settings;
2) Tap on Siri & Search;
3) Select All Shortcuts;
4) Mark a GC salon as your favorite.

Now you have an option to reserve an appointment at Great Clips within a few seconds. According to the company's statement, the GC team is very proud of providing online check-in and Siri-powered commands that help their clients economize time and stay beautiful with minimum effort. It is expected that the app will have more similar tricks for Apple, Google Assistant and perhaps Amazon Alexa.

Remind me to Look Stunning

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Apart from voice assistants, Great Clips App will also help you declutter your memory. Getting a little shaggy? You want to try some of that artistic chaos with Garcon hairstyle or look boyish, rebellious and energetic with Pixie, but always forget? Not to worry: the app's reminder will alert you that it's about time to refresh the look!

It's simple to achieve:

1) Set the date: month, day, time.
2) Forget about it, until the deadline.

Push notification will make your phone quietly vibrate, encouraging you to go to the nearest GC parlor or do an online check-in. There's also a snooze option, if you're busy at the current minute. Then the app will hibernate for some time to let you take care of biz. But as soon as you're done with the routine — be kind and take care of your adorableness!

The application will then add your name to the waitlist at the Great Clips salon of your choice and you'll be provided with certain details: approximate wait time and so on. The latter is quite useful, since you may get the best use of these spare moments: do some shopping, listen to The Tim Ferriss Show podcast or learn more about efficient time-management from Fairygodboss, while sipping Goth latte.

The Great Clips App has been around for almost 8 years after its debut in 2012. More than 8 million users have installed it, visiting daily 4,300 salons across the USA and Canada. The app really contributes to organizing your day better and saving some time. In turn, that time may be spent with your family, at your favorite hobby or invested in self-education.

Big Dreams for Great Clips

Vice president of the Marketing department at GC Lisa Hake says: "We look forward to adding more updates to the Great Clips App that further streamline the experience and keep our customers looking great throughout the entire year." However, she forgot to mention one thing: Great Clips can only help you emphasize your unique style. As for the rest don't forget that you already look beautiful!

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