Great Clips Begins a School Fundraising Company

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On July 24, 2019, Great Clips launched its yearly fundraising campaign. The money collected will be donated to schools and students to help their critical needs.

Be cool and help the schools!

To help fight the shortage of school supplies and low education levels, Great Clips has began a charity marathon. For every single download of its free Great Clips application, $1 will be donated to impoverished schools in the USA and Canada. The hair-salon brand's goal is to amass at least $400,000.

The money will be used to buy pencils and pens, notebooks, educational devices and also to cover field trip and museum day expenses and so forth. The list includes a selected number of deserving schools that have seen some serious underfunding problems. Specific areas include:

  • Atlanta,
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Chicago,
  • Denver,
  • New York/New Jersey,
  • Los Angeles,
  • Seattle and Vancouver.

Donations & Monster Jam

The dirt truck competition, which Great Clips is partners with, will also contribute to the campaign. Some of its top drivers, including Bryce Kenny, will attend charity ceremonies and hand the school supplies to the students personally.

It is done to evoke more interest in the local communities. Lisa Hake, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Great Clips, says that the company is excited about the whole cause. "We found in a survey last year that 75% of parents and teachers believe their local community needs to do more to support students in need during the back-to-school season. We’re excited to be a part of meeting that need,” she said.

What is the Great Clips app about?

The application allows you to check in right from your phone, preserving your place in line. You can find the nearest GC hair salon both by typing the request or commanding Siri to do so. GC Online Check In allows you to set preferences and select the number of guests that will come with you.

Right after you book a session, you will be shown how much wait time you have left before it's your turn. And while you still have nothing to do, these precious minutes can be spent on shopping, listening to podcasts, enjoying your favorite Bronte novel or just relaxing with a cup of iced green tea with mint and honey.

Help kids get a brighter future!

The campaign started by the end of July and will be continuing until the new school year begins. Great Clips intends to donate $20,000 to each selected school. The application is pretty helpful for those who enjoy high-quality haircuts and cosmetology. Its size is merely 8.8 MB, but it's enough to make a change in the world. And look fabulous at the same time!

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