How Can you Watch Netflix on PS4?

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If you were wondering how can you watch Netflix on PS4, you’ve come to the right place. This is a simple guide on how to enjoy your favorite shows and movies on the console. Once you become a Netflix subscriber, you receive the whole package of benefits, including the ability to watch Netflix best shows from any platform of your choice. You don’t need to have a big TV screen, while it definitely has its advantages. You may watch Netflix from your mobile or console.

How can you watch Netflix on PS4 without too many efforts?

Yes, you can. You can watch Netflix on your console just by logging into your profile. Usually, Netflix is pre-installed on PS4. You don’t need to download the app. But if somehow you don’t have Netflix on the menu, you can easily fix this situation downloading it from the store. And yet, you can use Netflix on your console if you are signed in PlayStation Network. If it does not work for any reason, you can’t watch Netflix on PS4.

Getting PS4 Netflix

Here is a simple instruction on how to open Netflix on your PS4. Follow these steps. Before you do this, make sure that PS Networks is working:

  • Use the PS4 controller and open “TV and Video” section;
  • If you can see the “Netflix” icon just pick it;
  • The app can be quickly opened if it is installed, so open it and do the Netflix logging. If it is not installed, just watch for the “Download” button. Pick it and start the downloading process.

There is a tiny but still a chance that there is no icon of Netflix at all. In this case, do not panic. You will have to go to PS Store and download the app from there. You need to press the PS button on the controller to be able to use the PlayStation Store. Select “Search” and type Netflix. You don’t actually have to type the whole word, three letters will be more than enough to see the app in the section on the right. Go there and download it.

How to start using Netflix on PS4?

The Netflix app was downloaded on your PS4, and you are ready to start. You will have to go directly to the Netflix app and sign in to your Netflix account. To do it, just enter your password and email that you use for Netflix on other platforms.

If you are not a member of Netflix, you have to subscribe to its services at first and pass through the registration process. You can do it on any platform you like. And yes, for those who ask is Netflix free on PS4, we may answer that the first month is completely free of charge. After a monthly trial ends, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

What platform is the best?

This is really a matter of convenience. You may watch Netflix on every platform you have. This is not a question ‘can you watch Netflix on PS4’. Because, obviously, you can. This is a question of which platform is the most suitable for you. If you prefer to watch Netflix on PS4, you can easily do it. If you love to watch Netflix on PC or your phone, you are welcome to do this as well.

You can share your opinion about watching Netflix on PS4 here. Tell us what shows you like to watch on it and why watching movies and shows on the console is the best option for you. Remember to pay in advance before the free trial month ends to be able to use Netflix services.

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