How to Make Transitions for TikTok Videos

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Are you tired of single plan videos that feature the narrator or the dancer on TikTok? The maximum length of videos on this social media is just one minute. To fit a good narrative in there, you need to use directing and editing tools – for example, transitions. If you keep narrating but move from location to location, it can add extra layers and make your video more spectacular.

Of course, making transitions like the famous match scene from Lawrence of Arabia is too big a luxury for a one-minute reel. But there are shorter ones that can look just as great. 

Hand to the Cam

It’s the simplest one that does not take any extra apps or equipment. Do it as follows:

  1.     As you finish a paragraph of your speech, move your hand to the camera and close it.
  2.     Stop the recording.
  3.     Move to another location to keep filming.
  4.     Close the camera with your hand before you start.
  5.     Start recording.
  6.     Move the hand away from the camera and reveal the new location. Keep narrating.

This method might require an assistant, an operator who starts and stops filming. Still, if you put your camera on a stand and use a delayed start feature, you can do it yourself. Remote shutters can do the trick, for example, one in your smartwatch or a dedicated Bluetooth shutter like those from selfie sticks.

It does not need to be your hand that closes the camera. You can do it with any object, including a hat (like the famous cut in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, switching from young to grown Indy), a book or a disc cover (if you are speaking about it), or any object that plays a role in your video.


If you have a phone with a decent zoom (it’s better if it’s optical), you can also use an extreme close-up of, say, your eyes, as the most common way of doing it. Then you can move to another location and start with the same close-up, zooming out further to see it all different around you.

It can be any object you focus on, including your finger pointing at the Moon (if you want to reference Enter the Dragon), a button, an earphone – anything that you can have on you in various environments. In fact, it’s the extension of the previous method. But close-ups give you more freedom to choose what to focus on. Transitions should speak, and this one is quite talkative.

Third-Party Apps

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There are various video editing apps for any platform: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, whatever. Many of them offer diverse spectacular transitions with special effects. Of course, they are tempting, especially if you pay for a subscription and access the premium ones. But then again, you should think about how the transition enhances the video.

The preinstalled transitions are often good enough, but there is no way to choose the perfect one regardless of the picture. There is no perfect move on the chessboard and no perfect note in music if you don’t consider the composition. It’s the same with transitions: how they work depends on the picture before and after.

Sounds also matter. You can try to mix sounds, so they sound similar at the end of one scene and the beginning of the other. Or you may end the video and let the audio play a little longer, so the previous scene echoes in the next one. 

Learn from the Best

If there is one thing to learn, it’s that everything has been invented. Watch more classical movies, regardless of age. Pay special attention to action movies of the pre-digital era: they use easy transitions to keep the pace fast, and transitions contribute seriously. But a good drama can also be an inspiration.

Found it useful? Write a comment after you try this technique in your TikTok (or other social media). Or share it to your Facebook, Instagram, or other text-oriented social pages. You can also make a TikTok video version if you please.

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