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Netflix has come to our lives as a transition between good old air TV and new, powerful, mysterious computers. Streaming is a powerful and wonderful thing, and more and more people appreciate thousands of shows and movies available anytime and anywhere. Now Netflix got so powerful that it’s a message as well as a media: it produces its own shows and movies worldwide, including Mexico, Spain, India, Turkey. Many of these are exclusively available on Netflix, like Black Mirror, Stranger Things, or Narcos.

Maybe you have already set up Netflix on your mobile device. Probably you know how good it is to select the time when you want to watch a show, not when it’s aired. But how does one bring it to the real TV, to watch movies and shows on the large screen from your armchair, with the remote in your hand and eyes set on the action?

Whatever Netflix TV help you may need, we collected it. Here is the instruction of setting up Netflix on your TV.

Subscription and Pricing

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It’s the first step necessary to watch Netflix, and it doesn’t necessarily involve your TV. You can create an account and subscribe from whatever device you use. On PC or Mac, it’s better to use the browser; you can install the mobile app to your Android or iOS device from its app store.

Netflix offers a free month of the trial to see whether you like the service. After that, you’ll have to pay to prolongate the subscription. It offers three plans to select from, so you can choose the optimal.

  • Netflix Basic ($7.99). It doesn’t allow streaming to two or more devices simultaneously (though you can switch between them) and only delivers standard definition (SD).
  • Netflix Standard ($10.99). This plan allows for streaming simultaneously to two devices, with quality up to high definition (HD).
  • Netflix Premium ($13,99). With this subscription, you can watch 4K videos (if available), with simultaneous streaming to up to four devices.

Not all shows and movies are available in 4K, but at least you’ll always have them in Full HD. If your TV supports HDR, you will appreciate better quality with more contrast and wider dynamic range. As for content, all three plans provide access to the entire library, so you can watch classics or new movies on Netflix whatever you want, in any available dubbing or voiceover, or with subtitles.

To subscribe, you need to:

1. Visit and press “Sign In” in the right upper corner;
2. Scroll down and choose “Sign Up” link;
3. Choose the plan from the three available;
4. Enter your email and generate a password;
5. Confirm your registration by clicking a link from the email you will soon receive.

Another option for Netflix logging is authorization with Facebook, but we’d recommend creating a separate account. It will be easier to use on TV.

Bandwidth Required for Netflix

Netflix easy access

Setting up Netflix for TV includes some fiddling with third devices, like, say, your router. Maybe you will need another one, or another data plan to watch Netflix comfortably. Its minimum required speed is 0.5 Mbps, though the quality will suffer from that.

If you want to enjoy the standard quality, you’ll need at least 3.0 Mbps. For HD video the speed is 5.0 Mbps, and for 4K of Full HD, you’ll need at least 25.0 Mbps.

Even if your provider can change your plan only by the end of the month, you’ll still be able to watch Netflix. Its adaptive bit streaming can compress video stream on the go, so it will take less data.


why Netflix is a good choice

If you are subscribing for your entire family or roommates, you must know that tastes differ; one of you may prefer sci-fi, one is hooked on horrors and thrillers, and someone else is into romantic comedy and drama. If you have kids, you should take care of appropriate content for them.

Netflix also takes care, so it offers you profile system. The number of profiles supported depends on your plan. Each time you launch the app, you can select your profile from the big icons. Facebook can only be connected to the main account.

How to Get Netflix App on Your TV

Netflix on different devices

Though Smart TV’s today can use various platforms (Android, Tizen, WebOS), most TV’s support dedicated Netflix apps. When you go to Smart settings, there must be an app store for your TV, and chances are Netflix will be among the most popular apps.
Each year Netflix updates its list of recommended TV models. But those of previous years usually remain compatible.

Once you install the app, you will need to log in. Troubles with Facebook authentication have been reported, so we still recommend logging in with email and password. If the Internet connection is set up correctly, the app will load quickly, and the streaming will be smooth.

There may be issues caused by firmware and protocol updates by vendors. For example, Netflix not working on Samsung Smart TV may be caused by its updating policy; the same happened with mobile remote-control apps. If it happens to you (or your TV just isn’t smart), you better opt for a TV box and get your Netflix there. But that’s another story.

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