How to Use Imikimi Frames on PC and Phones

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Imikimi might have become a common name, like emoji or karaoke – so popular the service is when it comes to frames and backgrounds for your pictures. Here is the manual telling you how to use Imikimi frames and create beautiful collages for your Instagram or Facebook.

How to Use Imikimi on PC

No matter what desktop platform you use, the principles are the same. You need the website to upload your pictures, select the frame, and then apply it and download the result. Here is the detailed instruction on how to make an Imikimi. We wrote it using a Mac with the latest OS X installed, but it’s the same on Windows.

Opening the Site

There should be no issue. Enter “” into the address bar and press “Enter” to go there. When the page loads, the address displayed will be “,” but this redirect is okay.


When you have taken your eyes off the frames on the front page, find the “Sign Up” link in the upper right corner. Click it and enter your email when prompted, then click “Next.” After that, you’ll be asked for your name (not necessarily real) and the six-letter code the service has sent to your email.

After that, you can select whether you want to be a prime (that is, paid) member. The trial membership is granted for 30 days only; then you’ll be offered to purchase it monthly or yearly.

Making an Imikimi

And here is an instruction on how to find Imikimi frames. When you’re logged in, do the following to make your Imikimi image.

  1. Click on the logo in the upper left corner of the site.
  2. When the list of frames appears on the page, select the one you like. You can also search by tags or turn pages with arrows below.
  3. On finding the background you like, you can select your own photo or add text with buttons in the upper right corner. The menu is logical.
  4. Use this editor intuitively. When you add your own photo or text, it all gets Photoshop-like. You can drag one layer upon others, add new ones, adjust opacity, and do whatever you want to make your own pic fit smoothly into the environment.
  5. After you’ve finished editing, click “Save” to post the result in your Imikimi profile. If you want to download it to your computer, press the down arrow to the right of “Save” option. That’s how to get a photo out of Imikimi cloud and save it locally.

Here is the only difference, by the way, that we encountered while trying it on Windows and on Mac. If you try to upload photos from your iCloud gallery, you’ll only be able to do so if a photo has a recognizable face. A random photo is impossible to select. When you select it from any folder, though, the limitation disappears.

It’s also worth noticing that only some frames are available to you while you’re in your trial days. As you pay for your subscriptions, all the limitations are removed.

Sharing an Imikimi Image

You make these photos with backgrounds, create postcards or memes out of them, and it’s all just to take some of your local storage? We don’t believe that. So, if you want to share your Imikimi immediately, there are some ways:

  1. Publish it on It’s an Instagram-like social media, but, unlike Instagram, it’s fully available from PC and has a better, more advanced online editor. It’s a good choice if your subscribers are on Imikimi too.
  2. Share it to Facebook directly, with a dedicated button that appears when you click “Share” in the upper right corner of your published photo. You’ll probably need to enter your Facebook login and password when prompted. It will provide Imikimi access to your page, but it will only create publications when you want it to.
  3. Share the link by copying it and posting anywhere you’d like. There are some nuances, though. Imikimi features so-called streams – virtual albums you can add your photos to. So, if you want to share a photo, click on “Copy Post Link” on the top of the menu that appears when you press “Share.” If you want to share the entire stream, find the line with “Post Link” and click the switch, so the line gets renamed into “Stream Link.” The upper line then will change into “Copy Stream Link”, and the receiver will first see the latest post in it.

There is no direct sharing to Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, or other popular services. To share your photo on one of these, you need to save it on your computer first. When posting, you’ll also have to enter the link in the description of the pic if you want to share it too.

Deleting Pictures from Imikimi

It’s probably the trickiest part of it. There’s no direct instruction on how to delete an Imikimi from the official site. We didn’t find direct links to it either. But there is a way. It may require some unusual approach, though.

So, you cannot delete a photo if it’s the only one in the stream. But there are ways to get rid of particular pics you don’t want to keep.

  1. Open your profile
  2. Click on “My streams” in “Streams” section in the dropout menu
  3. Select the stream you want to delete photos from
  4. Tap on a three-button menu in the upper right corner and select “Stream Editor”
  5. Click the photo you want to delete, and then find “Delete Post” in the menu after it.
  6. There should be at least one unselected photo; so if you want to delete all the pictures in the street, upload a random one to enable deletion. If you want to leave some, it makes this step unnecessary.

By default, though, your account is private, and no stranger will see your pictures; so probably you don’t have to worry at all.

How to Use Imikimi on a Smartphone

There are official Imikimi apps for both iOS and Android. They are made so similar to the website (or rather the website imitates mobile experience) that there’s no need to explain how to use Imikimi frames on mobile devices. It’s almost the same as on computers.

The only difference we have noticed concerns the size of the photos to upload. If the picture you want in the collage is too big, the app suggests you change its size. If you’re making an Instagram photo or a birthday/anniversary postcard for Facebook, the small size may be good. But we’d recommend sticking with the middle at least.

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