Imo Free Video Calls and Chat Improves Its Network Features

Imo Free Video Calls and Chat Improves Its Network Features on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Among all the messengers available now, many of us choose as the primary one and even more use it along with other messengers. For some, it’s a habit formed when was a multiprotocol client, offering various messengers in one app. Others came to it later, when evolved into its current WhatsApp-like condition. Anyway, it’s alive, popular, and evolving.

The latest update of isn’t that radical. It’s still a great service for texting, making voice and video calls, and exchanging data and files. It’s still cross-platform, available for Windows and OS X, as well as for Android and iOS. And it’s still lightweight, so even those short of memory can use it without any doubt.

What the Update Brings

The current update 2019.2.91, as we said, brings no radical innovations. Still, it improves the overall impression of how the app works. With this update, the app operates better with a slow Internet connection. And when it’s stable and wide, you’ll benefit from better video and audio quality. has been known for its low requirements to network speed. It still works well even under 2G, in the era of 4G domination! Probably that’s the reason why is especially popular in Central Asia, where the cellular coverage is still poor. Another reason, though, is that other popular messengers are banned in certain countries, and somehow gets past this censorship. In the update, Imo gets even better at handling poor connection, which can get unnoticed by first-world users, but the audience of Imo will appreciate it.

For the users that can’t access Google Play Market, the developers provide a standalone Android Package Kit, that is, an .APK installer. Hardly will this make the app more popular in China, dominated by WeChat, but owners of Chinese phones deprived of Google services will appreciate such care.

What’s Imo

If we take a closer look, Imo is a good rival to today’s global dominators like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It’s a messenger service that uses your phone number as your ID and your extra contact to access your conversations and contacts. It offers unlimited international texting, voice and video calls for free within its own network. And VoIP services if you want to call cellular or mobile number are much cheaper than your cellular operators offer.

It also supports conference calls and chat rooms for open conversations, with groups able to handle up to 100.000 users. Within these groups, you can share large videos and other files, storing them on Imo clouds. There are both private and public groups, so you can create your private place or join public talks on any matter.

All your texting and voice messages are stored in the cloud, so if you switch your device or even platform, you won’t lose your history. The app also has lots of stickers and emoji, along with compatibility with third-party ones.

As you see, is quite a decent messenger, though outshined by more popular rivals. Still, it has its large audience that keeps growing, and updates like this pump up its pros.

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