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While it is hard to call IMO Vs Duo a battle of titans, both these video chat platforms have something to offer to their users. Relax, we don’t offer you to use only one of these video calling apps. We know that they both are not the best ones. And yet, Duo is really good at basic communication. Let’s check all their weaknesses and advantages before we pick the winner in the fight.

IMO Vs Duo through the history

Once upon a time, there were two completely different services made to help people to communicate. They were young and naïve, and also free of charge, and were quickly overshadowed by giants like WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on. Duo was made as a video calling app by Google. It was planned that Duo becomes the default Android app that delivers group calls in HD simplicity. At the same time, IMO, the creation of Baby Penguin originally was a messaging app. Unluckily, IMO did not have a chance on the market, as its best features can barely handle completion.

It is too early to say that Duo is a winner here. It is just our point of view based on personal use. To not be unfair, we decided to take a closer look at both of them.

IMO free video calls and chat

IMO calling app

IMO is a free service. And as a free service, it contains ads. This is a well-known practice among similar free apps. If you don’t want to see ads and need some advanced benefits, you will be offered a paid Premium Subscription. However, this policy does not improve IMO’s situation on the market. Don’t forget that Messenger, WhatsApp and Facetime offer free services as well, but minimal or no ads at all. The situation gets worse when you receive a constant offer from IMO to buy their premium subscription, right after the IMO video call download process is over.

Subscription costs only $1 per month which is nothing comparing to other services’ subscription charges. For this single dollar, you receive gigantic free space on cloud storage as a bonus. But nobody wants to pay a dollar if they have more popular free services in mind.

IMO offers numerous functions, including social groups, group calls, collated stories, animated stickers. You may have already seen collated stories function in Snapchat. And, unfortunately, for IMO, this function is far more popular there. Actually, this is a huge problem with IMO. All their promised benefits and special functions exist elsewhere. And even if IMO had it first, other services found the way to represent the function way better.

Another problem with IMO is the poor representation of its benefits. It looks a bit unfinished. When this service was launched at first, it helped the audience to reach Facebook, Skype, AIM messaging platforms. After a while, all the platforms began to block IMO, offering direct connection. We have to mention in this IMO video call review that this app was straggling ever since. It had to survive to be on its own, without third parties.

Duo and its features

Google Duo app

Google’s Duo may feel a little bit better on the market than IMO, but it still stays almost unnoticed by the audience. It was originally made for business owners and companies that need to arrange video conferences. However, it does not offer such a variety of features as many other similar apps. Duo's desktop version can’t handle the competition. As for the mobile version, the situation is way better there, as Duo offers big-screen options for video calls.

There are not many bonuses we see in a mobile version brought into its desktop copy. And even though Google has done a good job improving the mobile app, it looks like they forgot to do the same for a PC version. Only this year, the desktop app has finally made it through one-on-one video calls and increased the number of participants of the video call up to eight people. This happened in the time of Facebook Messenger that offers 50 people call, and FaceTime that offers 32 users video chat. Well, at least they beat WhatsApp, which offers only 4 people to join one video chat. In case you need 8 people or less to join the video call, Duo is your kind of app.

The app also offers a feature called live preview. It is a nice thing if you don’t know the caller and want to find out who calls you before answering the call. Like IMO, Duo offers video calls and chats, but apparently, it is more successful in its self-presentation to the audience. While it hardly can be compared to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and other well-known apps, Duo has more features than IMO.

Which to choose? IMO VS DUO

IMO does not have so many features, and it is poorly represented on the market comparing to Duo. Duo offers a better quality of service. But we can’t ignore the ambitions of IMO. Once it had a good start, working together with WhatsApp and Skype. Now it is struggling to survive, living on its own. But we can never know how this story ends.

Google’s Duo had amazing potential, great features, and high quality. But it was not a really ambitious project. It offers nice services, and it is polished free of charge app. It may still behind other similar apps, but it is useful and simple. If you do not need advanced video calling services, Duo is a good choice. We prefer Duo over IMO if you have to choose one of them. But you can judge for yourself. Check them both.

If you have used IMO or Duo once or still use one of them, share your opinion in the comments below. Which service is your favorite? If you use more advanced video calling services, name them and explain why you prefer these apps over others.

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