Instagram is Finally Testing Desktop Posting Feature

Instagram is Finally Testing Desktop Posting Feature on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Thousands of Instagram users have been complaining about the absence of the posing feature in the desktop web version of Instagram during the app’s entire history. At last, the company revealed the testing of the posing feature for the browser version! Now life should become much easier for those who prefer to use the app via their desktop browsers.

In its official statement, Instagram claims that the metrics reveal that many accounts are accessed mainly from desktops, so there is a high demand for the option to post in the feed, bypassing the mobile app. The reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi previously spotted the upcoming feature, who found the feature at the internal test phase. However, today many users already see it in their browsers.

We tested the feature, too, and didn’t find any differences from the posting feature on the app. Like the original app, it lets you upload several images, edit them, use filters, and write posts. It’s also much more convenient than changing the view mode of the website in the developer’s mode. Are you happy that the posting feature is finally coming to the desktop? Share the news with other Instagram users and your opinion in the comments below.

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