Instagram Reels Creators Could Soon Be Earning Bonuses

Instagram Reels Creators Could Soon Be Earning Bonuses on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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It seems that Instagram users who create Reels videos may have an opportunity to make some earnings. An app researcher posted information about the potential bonus program for creators on his Twitter. While this hasn’t been confirmed officially by Instagram, it’s likely that users will see a new bonus program in the near future.
If it works out as expected, the bonus program could be similar to that introduced by Snapchat. At the same time, it’s still unclear whether creators will get their money in cash or not. Some reports suggest that the income of creators may depend on how many videos they put out.

While not as popular as TikTok, Reels are gaining more interest. Because TikTok has been banned in India, many people switched to using YouTube shorts and reels. The concept of Reels videos is similar to TikTok, as users can create 15-second clips and edit them with the help of many effects and tools. It’s interesting to see whether it will continue to develop or will always be second to TikTok in its popularity.

What do you think about this potential Bonus program? Do you think it is something we will see soon? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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