Instagram Responds to Clubhouse Success with Its Own Audiorooms

Instagram Responds to Clubhouse Success with Its Own Audiorooms on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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While Clubhouse still enjoys its dark horse sort of success, the established giants reply by mirroring its audio rooms. Instagram may be the first to directly challenge the upstart voice room project with its own.

While the one who shared the information originally was Alessandro Paluzzi, an independent developer and somehow an insider, it’s been confirmed officially by now. Not only will Instagram introduce its audio rooms sooner than one might expect. The stream in these rooms will be protected with end-to-end encryption.

The way these audio rooms are supposed to work is similar to that we already see in Clubhouse. The upside (or the downside to it, depending on your priorities) is your main account linked to that in audio chats. On the other hand, if someone wants to remain anonymous, they can just create an alternative account.

Instagram has been developing group communication features recently. Live Rooms expanded possibilities of video streaming, enabling the host to invite three more guests. Audio rooms will probably attract even more users – especially those on Android who cannot enjoy the original Clubhouse. Funny how Android was lacking Instagram for 18 months since its release on iOS.

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