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LinkedIn Adds Bigger Posts for Companies on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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The top online “guns-for-hire” platform will add a new feature, which allows brands to use more characters and post bigger articles. The new feature is called Articles for Pages. These articles are similar to the regular user posts, only a bit bigger. They will allow companies to post promoted content to increase public engagement.

Apart from an extra bunch of letters and digits, brands will be able to enhance their publications with embedded videos from the likes of YouTube, links, quotes, and other promotional tools. The companies will also get access to the Insights feature. It will let them put the target audience under a microscope. They’ll be able to study demographics, time spent on their content page, number of reads/visits, and so on.

Live-streaming hasn’t been left out, either. The platform’s Live Events will be promoted more intensely, allowing brands to grow their following via being discovered by more people. This also includes the sponsorship feature, as well as an automatic notification function, which will alert all viewers interested about an upcoming live stream.

LinkedIn also rolled out Brand Lift Testing. It serves to investigate how effective the promotional campaigns are. Reach Optimization is a tool, which calibrates the advertising content to attract new real fans. Reach and Frequency Forecasting allows corporate clientele to calculate how successfully a certain promo event will “hit the bird” with the audience. As LinkedIn commented: “While members on LinkedIn have long had the ability to draft and publish long-form articles on the platform, organizations have been limited to character counts for organic posts in the feed. That’s no longer the case with Articles for Pages.”

It seems, brands and companies will be getting more preferential treatment from LinkedIn and other social media. Which preferences are yet to come? Leave a comment below this post!

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