Microsoft Office Organizes Its Tools on Android

Microsoft Office Organizes Its Tools on Android on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Microsoft has decided to please all the Office fans by launching its best features in one app for Android devices. The new beta Office Android app consists of all your favorite tools for work. The app is called Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & more. And as you may guess, it includes tools like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel, among others.

What to expect from Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & more?

Despite the unnecessary long but not confusing name, the new Office app for Android is really promising. While it looks like Microsoft decided to explain everything in the new Office name so as to not explain its features again, the app is perfect for those who work with documents. You can manage, create and edit them as you have done it million times before. At least now you don’t have to run home or at the office to use your PC—you can open the app on your phone or tablet.

Another great feature is the ability to share these documents with other people. You may send them to your colleagues or your boss, sitting in a subway train, being late for work. You can also receive the documents. Save the necessary information in Docs or Google Sheets and send it while being far away from the office. Here is more: you can now create PDF files with this app. You may even convert Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files to PDF. These can be official documents with your signature on them.

Where to find?

The Office app is available on Google Play Store. Remember, that it is still in beta. The app may be a little bit buggy until the official release. If you have already tried it, share your comments here.

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