Microsoft To-Do Takes Mac App Store by Storm

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With only 13.6 MB size and zero dollar price tag, Microsoft To-Do has outdone it's predecessor and older step-brother from Germany — Wunderlist. As of now MS To-Do has a higher position in the ranks, a very positive feedback from the Mac users and unclear plans about Wunderlist's future.

To Do or Not to Do?

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In 2015 Microsoft acquisitioned immensely popular Wunderlist. As a result, 13 million users trembled in fright. They thought that their favorite productivity app would be irreversibly ruined. However the devil is not so black as he is painted. And the corporation's reign over the task manager proved to be actually beneficial.

After coming to iOS, Android and Windows, Microsoft has finally entered the MacOS domain. Built entirely with the AppKit, it is 100% free and offers a pretty impressive functionality. Basically you have the same features that Wunderlist was famous for:

  • Color-coded lists;
  • Reminders;
  • Goal breakdown into sub-tasks;
  • Attachable notes and files;
  • List sharing;
  • My Day.

A Bold Start

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Only now you can also 'befriend' the app with Outlook and integrate MS Office. And also seamlessly synchronize the app across devices with different operational systems. Another nice favor for every Wunderlist fan — To-Do supports export of the lists you've generated in the previous app. No Night mode included though.

To-Do is available for Mac users, starting with the MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra). Support of older versions of the OS explains why the MS app wasn't affiliated with the so-called Project Catalyst. Project Catalyst is the Apple's daring attempt to bring its mobile apps to MacOS, making the code DNA for both platforms universal. And Twitter seems to be the project's pioneer — it's all because of the endeavor to bring it back to Mac users.

As of now, MS To-Do shows very good results. It ranks N11 in the productivity segment, beating its ancestor. Wunderlist never made it higher than N21 in the Mac App Store. User reviews seem to be generally positive, which has been a rarity for a Microsoft product, to be honest. If you go and check their commentaries on the App Store, there will be mostly 4 and 5-star reviews.

So Long Wunderlist?

To-Do application sparked a massive interest. But Wunderlist is still alive and supported too. What is going to happen to the digital embodiment of the German love for discipline? It is unclear yet. Many users have stated that they have begun deleting Wunderlist since it's archaic in comparison to MS To-Do. And hard drive space is not infinite, alas.

Nevertheless, Microsoft provides no prognosis on the Wunder's future. All that we know that it's going to be supported for as long as the company adds new functionality and bug-fixes to its newer brainchild. The ultimate goal is to integrate the best of what Wunderlist could offer into the new app. Once it's done, German workhorse's retirement is unavoidable.

Microsoft To-Do is now available at the Mac App Store for free. Hurry up and test it together with your colleagues, collaborators, friends and family. Maybe it's really time to delete Wunderlist.

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