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As the new iPhones have been introduced, the era of small screens is officially over. iPhone SE is discontinued with no dwarf heir left. Hail to the new King, the XS Max with 6.5 display! And we haven’t seen the new iPad generation yet. So prepare to enjoy movies on this larger surface.

Not that it has been little joy to watch videos on iPhone before, but now there’ll be more fun. So here we present the apps and services for watching movies on iOS devices, with different abilities and exclusive content.


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The indisputable leader in shows and movies delivering, Netflix now has grand titles of its own, and an enormous catalog of masterpieces to watch. Thrillers and animation, comedy and sci-fi, and all the genres you can imagine are all there, on your screen.

You only need to enter your account data or create a new one, and then select some titles you already like. Then Netflix shows you something to satisfy your tastes, and (trust this) you don’t have enough hours in your day to see it all.

The videos are adjusted to your device, so you will enjoy the best quality available. There is a built-in player with all the control features, and you can select the language of audio track and subtitles separately. It’s worth mentioning that videos are downloadable, so you can cache them and then watch regardless of your connection quality.

Netflix offers unlimited subscription plans, with available quality being the main difference. You can try your plan for a month and then decide whether to keep it.



Yes, Viewster has something to watch. Yes, it’s free. No, you don’t have to subscribe or even register. The service is stuffed with free content, and you can enjoy it right from the start.

The movies offered here for free are mostly trash content, like Supercroc or Swamp Zombies, but other genres include some famous series of recent years. The service is rich in animation (particularly in anime) and in featured video blogs.

Though the content is quite specific, the service is popular due to no charge and good appearance. Anyway, no matter how bad we consider something, someone will like, and no matter how much we like what we like, someone considers it terrible. So (putting aside tastes) the service is worth your attention.

Open MovieBox

Well, it’s not a video service at all. Open Moviebox is the right app for creating your video catalog. If you have a large video collection you address often, you can keep track of it on your iPad and watch them without leaving the app. The built-in player is just a player, with the support of many various formats and codecs, but its collecting and sharing features are just perfect.

The most wonderful thing is that you don’t have to keep all these movies directly on your iDevice. You can use your Windows PC with a large HDD as a server; all you need is a server app you can download from Open Moviebox page in iTunes.

AVPlayer HD

AVPlayer HD

Well, the built-in video player of iOS is not that bad (if you only purchase movies via iTunes), but it leaves overboard a lot of formats and features you may need. AVPlayerHD to the rescue! This player is one of the best at handling videos.

This player supports most formats and codecs ever invented. It can open separate subtitle files if you place them into its directory. There are specific features like adjusting playback speed, split view, folder management, streaming videos from network resources, and so on.

The app may crash on old devices but on new ones it disclosures all the advantage of high-resolution screens. Recommended, if you don’t mind paying $2.99 only once and getting your movies elsewhere.



One of the most amazing things about Crackle is its richness of free content. No, we don’t mean free with subscription. This app and service by Sony are rich in hit movies or TV series you can watch with no fees. There are both classical and forgotten pieces, but all of them can be interesting to rediscover.

The app offers the best possible quality of videos (even if they weren’t restored after the original had been damaged). There are also fresh show episodes available and updated constantly. This fairytale of a service can be synced across multiple devices; you only need to register once.

What does Sony want for this? Oh, it measures your tastes and preferences within its market research. If you don’t mind that, you’re welcome.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Could it be like Netflix, but with no subscription charge? Don’t say that only pirate sites are capable of this. Tubi TV is a completely new way of delivering content to us.

Being available for all iOS devices and iMessage (as a separate service), Tubi has a catalog full of classical movies, both masterpieces, and hidden gems. It also has a list of actual shows, including those not available on Netflix (a separate section).

Not only can you watch videos in the best quality possible, but also stream them out to any supporting device, including Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku, so you can enjoy them on a larger screen.

Alas, its availability depends on location. So if you happen to live in a wrong country, you won’t be able to enjoy all the treasures Tubi TV offers.



The default video player for many Windows and Android devices, this player by Videolan is also available for iOS. Its main pros are still there. It plays virtually any video format, loads subtitles, offers all necessary controls in small windows and supports gesture controls.

Being completely free, it’s a tough rival for commercial ones like AVPlayerHD. You may look at both and see no reason why you may prefer to pay. It can also play music, stream or download video from remote servers, connect to cloud storage and select an audio track from multiple ones. You can organize files within its older into subfolders, so it’s easier to deal with them.

Though it’s reported to have some bugs, they are rare and specific (like crashing while playing music; but is it what you use it for often?)

Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere

Well, there’s another app you can’t purchase movies through. But no matter where you download them (or even rip from your Blu-ray disks), it’s a great place to store and watch your video files. It’s an aggregator that joins your iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Vudu. Alas, this service hasn’t got some major and most indie studios covered. So both blockbusters or independent movies can be out of its catalog.

This movie application supports most popular formats used by companion services. Movies Anywhere can’t guarantee you can find your favorite movie in 4K or another HD format different from FullHD, but, if it’s available, it will inform you.

Yes, you can download the movies you have purchased and watch them offline (but if you don’t watch them for 90 days, they will be automatically deleted). And you don’t have to re-buy the movies in other services to have them available.



Hey, and what about watching fresh Hollywood movies for free? PopcornFlix has it in its sleeve. This service offers new movies from major studios you can really watch for free. Well, not totally for free: the app is ad-supported, so your entertainment will be frequently interrupted by breaking ads.

But if you don’t want to pay (or can’t, for some reason), this one can be a real salvation. Anyway, watching movies with ads is what we got with TV, right? The app doesn’t require a broadband connection and feels good even with 3G. But you need to have an old small iPhone to enjoy videos like this!

Each day the developers add one or several new movies. You can browse them by genre, studio, actors, and so on. You can even share these movies on social media; the more people watch it there, the more ads the owners show.



Well, as we said, an average iPhone has grown larger this year. But even the largest screen sometimes isn’t enough. Especially when you have a big TV somewhere near to compare. And to connect. iMediaShare is a service made for broadcasting videos from your iDevices to anything bigger. This auxiliary movie application can be what your party lacks.

It only takes a Smart TV, a gaming console or a TV console connected to the Internet. iMediaShare got them all covered. Not only does it broadcast your videos, but also turns your iPhone into a remote, so you can easily control the playback. The app is compatible with most media players, instead of repeating their features. So the remote features include the most basic one, like volume control, playback, and navigation.

So, here’s the list of what you should explore to enhance your experience of watching videos on iPhone (or iPad, or even iPod Touch). We left overboard some titans like iTunes or Google Play (you already know of them, hehe), but gave time to some services you might miss. And we missed some of them, too, If you want us to know about them, just let us know here below.

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