MS Word App For Android Hits 1 Billion Mark

MS Word App For Android Hits 1 Billion Mark on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Together with its MS Office "colleagues" and OneDrive, Word takes mobile market by storm. Productivity and corporate sectors are its domain. And Redmond's tech-giant is one of the few lucky companies to get a 1-billion app on Google Play.

MS Word against the world

In one of his recent interviews, Bill Gates lamented over losing the mobile segment to Apple and Google. In an interview given at Village Global, Mr. Gates admitted that sleeping on mobile software market was his biggest regret.

Well, crying over spilt milk is useless. Especially now, when MS Word has earned more than 1 billion downloads on Google Play. Microsoft shares "billionaire" laurels with such non-Google/Facebook developers as

  • Kiloo (Subway Surfers),
  • Cheetah Mobile (Clean Master),
  • Hewlett & Packard Inc. (Print Service Plugin),
  • Snap Inc. (Snapchat).

Another Microsoft product that made it to the party is Skype. However, unlike Word, it's not the company's original brainchild.

One of the reasons why the app achieved this kind of success is the pre-installation policy. Huawei and Samsung devices have MS Word mobile preinstalled. That also explains how Samsung Push Service and Samsung Internet Browser have made it to the "billionaires club."

The working horsey

With cartel accusations aside, mobile Word does a pretty solid job. Its rating on Google Play never drops lower than 4,5 stars, according to 3,6 million voters. And its reviews remain generally positive.

The app is as helpful as its desktop version. You can use it to write essays, CVs, reports, business letters and design other documentation. Moreover, there's an in-built PDF reader with an option to convert your Docs into PDFs. And of course, text formatting and layout features are as versatile as ever: bulleted and numbered lists, cursive, bold, various font types, etc.

Collaboration is also easy in this app. Docs can be shared via messengers, email, or cloud services. There's an option to revert documents to their earlier state and leave comments right next to the parts that need to be discussed.

Praise the Word

Now you know what's in common between MS Word and Bruce Wayne. And if you're seeking for a free mobile tool that can edit documentation on the go — this app is one of the best options.

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