Netflix and Tinder Made the Most Money in the 2010s

Netflix and Tinder Made the Most Money in the 2010s on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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The last decade has made mobile applications an integral part of our lives. The introduction of Google Play and App Store has started a new era in the digital world, leaving us with an app for even the most peculiar activities and needs. Apps help us eat, travel, shop – and, of course, entertain ourselves.

It turns out that entertainment is what people like the most. The App Annie analytics firm used the data from App Store and Google Play to determine which apps were the most popular in the 2010s, judging by the amount of money they made. And it was Netflix that made the most.

The streaming service relies on subscribers to make its money, and this mechanism seems effective: not only did Netflix has gained the most money since 2010, it has shown the best stock dynamics as well. However, the streaming platform has a decent runner-up, which is Tinder.

The introduction of dating algorithms that were based on users' locations allowed Tinder to make its millions of dollars. It is even more impressive if you consider that the monetization started only in 2015. Our little research result means people spend the most money on dating and entertainment. Are you one of them?

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