Netflix Features Categories for Newest Arrivals Available and Those to Come

Netflix Features Categories for Newest Arrivals Available and Those to Come on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Netflix features new categories to browse, so you can select movies or shows to watch this evening with more precision. For your information (literally), now the official Netflix app gets new tabs that help you find something to your taste.

New Arrivals on the Closest Shelves

The new tabs are meant to help you track the content to come. One of them is called “Brand New”, and it shows you the most recent videos already available. The others advertise the things to come, one about things to come this week, and another about next week's arrivals.

Within these apps, you can select those videos you’d like to watch and set reminders not to miss them when they come. The tabs showing videos that aren’t available yet still have all the info on them, like posters, trailers, descriptions, casts, and so on. Of course, they feature no rates and reviews, but it only makes your first impression more your own.

How to Handle the New Tabs

To enjoy the new features, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Netflix app on your TV or TV box;
  2. Find the “Latest” nab and enter it;
  3. Explore the three categories described above.

This is simple, and it doesn’t depend on the Smart TV platform you use. No matter if it’s Android-based, LG’s WebOS, or Samsung’s Tizen. The update will impact all the platforms that have the Netflix app.

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