Netflix Might Start Streaming Video Games

Netflix Might Start Streaming Video Games on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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A report by Bloomberg has appeared recently stating that Netflix is considering the prospect of adding video games to its streaming portfolio aside from movies and TV shows. In order to implement this plan, the company has hired Mike Verdu, a professional with a history in EA and Facebook. The executive, once also Zynga’s CEO, is known to have an extensive experience in game development, having contributed to Sims, Plants vs Zombies, and more.

Whether Netflix is going to develop video games of its own remains unclear. There’s a probability that the company will decide to stream existing ones, although jobs in game development have appeared on its official website. In particular, Netflix is looking for a person to direct the creation of interactive content like Bandersnatch (a movie based on the Black Mirror show where users decide on the key twists in the plot). According to the report, the game streaming project is expected to launch next year.

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