Netflix’s TV App Won’t Let You Miss a New Show

Netflix’s TV App Won’t Let You Miss a New Show on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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The end of summer means we’re sentenced to spend more time in front of our TV’s, and for many of us it means first of all Netflix. But its rich content is impossible to watch all through. So you’ll have to make your choice. The new feature Netflix TV app is about to get the help you need to handle this.

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“Latest” Means “Coming Soon”

There are so many titles distributed or produced by Netflix that people may just forget to watch some when it’s released. With “Latest” menu, which is about to appear in the updated Netflix app for Smart TV’s, this problem will be solved.

This menu is, in fact, a detailed announce of the titles to come. It will list the show seasons and movies about to be released either this week or the following, with daily updating. Just like those already finished or ongoing, the series will have posters, trailers, descriptions, and other information. So you’ll just need to mark the shows you want to watch, and the app will send you a notification when this video is available.
If you are using the Netflix app for Android or iOS, you may already know how this works. “Coming Soon” section of the mobile app is similar to “Latest”.

What to Expect

Well, this August, Netflix starts the next seasons of Mindhunter and 13 Reasons Why, shows Obamas’ American Factory, and offers classical movies like Gangs of New York. To learn this before “Latest”, you needed to visit its site or track the news. Now the announces are delivered to you in a most comfortable manner.

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