New Legends of Runeterra Expansion: What Can We Expect?

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The Legends of Runeterra free card game has been popular for a while now. Now this card game developed by Riot Games is receiving a new expansion that is called Guardians of the Ancient. The first trailer was released just days ago and it looks quite promising. What can we expect from this addition to the game?

Firstly, the expansion is developed as a part of the Empire of the Ascended set. Players will be able to use 42 new cards and three of them are new champions. Secondly, in addition to the heroes, there will be new mechanics added to Legends of Runeterra. 

The actual trailer for this expansion looks gorgeous with its visuals and narration. In a video, we can see the Chronokeeper named Zilean who has visions of the future for the people of Runeterra. There is obvious tension and conflicts, as the nations want to destroy one another. In one moment of the video, we see Irelia who is about to confront Noxian invaders and defend Ionia. Also, there is an interesting moment with a mountain that becomes alive to protect its lands. The visions of Zilean look quite pessimistic for the heroes at the beginning, but the Chronokeeper gives them another opportunity to win by turning back time.

In the end, we can hear Zilean say that if you don’t like the fate you got, you can choose a different one. There is a strong possibility that this is not just words from a wise man, but also a new feature in the game. This is still not clear and something we have to wait and see. The actual trailer looks gorgeous so there are high hopes for the new expansion. At the moment, developers are mostly silent when it comes to the new season additions. According to the Riot Games representatives, they will be revealing cards every day at 12 PM EDT while the actual expansion will be fully released on May 5.

Legends of Runeterra has become available to all players on April 29, 2020, and has gained plenty of fans since then. The game is part of the League of Legends universe and is available for iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows devices. This development was even named an iPad game of the Year by Apple, so there are definitely plenty of people excited about this new release.

Are you a fan of Legends of Runeterra? What do you think about this new addition to the card game? Tell us what you think about this expansion in the comments below. Share this article with those who may find it interesting.

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