New Milestone for Google Translate with Over 1 Billion Downloads

New Milestone for Google Translate with Over 1 Billion Downloads on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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A lot of people cannot imagine their lives without using Google Translate on a regular basis, especially when traveling. The service has simple design and allows you to quickly translate any text that you need. Just several days ago, a Google Translate app reached a billion downloads in the Android Play Store.

Google Translate has long been an essential part of any services offered by Google. You can find it in the browser, in Google apps, and also on platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. People who often need translations have an opportunity to download an app. It works just like a desktop version, but it also comes with advanced features. An incredibly useful feature is translating text by simply pointing your camera at it.

You will be able to see a translation in real-time, which is especially useful when you see unknown text on the streets. It’s not surprising that this useful app reached such a huge number of downloads, as it continues to be the most efficient service out there.

Do you use a Google Translate app or is it enough for you to access a desktop version? Tell us how you use the service in the comments below.

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