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Twitter seeks to create a healthier and safer environment for users. So, at the moment, a few new privacy features are going through the test stages.

First, we have the “privacy check-in” concept. This is a feature set that will allow the Twitter crowd to retain more confidentiality if they please so. 

And also, this makes navigating from public to private tweets more easily. As well as changing accounts. 

As the platform’s product designer Lena Emara tweeted:

We've found lots of people don't know about all the conversation control and discoverability settings available to them — so how about a check-in that lets you pick among various groups of settings depending on your needs?

The check-in will gather user feedback to make their Twitter experience more satisfying. Seemingly AI-powered, it will ask you questions like “How public do you want to be?”, “Are you tweets for everyone or for your inner circle?”, and so on.

Twitter will also help you avoid mistakes and blunders. One of the features that is yet in the workshop is called Compose Screen.

It will let you see which Twitter account you’re using at the moment, so no confusion or unwanted tweets will happen. 

It also will alert you if you’re trying to share your thoughts via a private account. Before posting, it will remind you that you wanted this profile out of limelight.

Another know-how will work as a troll-deterrent. In case your account is besieged by 4chan residents, you can disable Username Search and Who to Follow features until the abuse tornado settles.

You can even use the built-in timer, so the feature becomes active automatically in, let’s say, a few hours or days.

These are just concepts that are yet to be tested. And while Twitter works on boosting privacy and protection, it’s gotten a new rival — Gettr.

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