New Trailer of the Game: Wizardy VA Is Coming to Your Devices in 2022

New Trailer of the Game: Wizardy VA Is Coming to Your Devices in 2022 on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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A new trailer for Wizardry VA is finally available so players can see what to expect from this installment in the Wizardry series. With this new video, we can get an idea of the environments in the game. As exciting as all of this is, we will have to wait for a while to be able to play it on our mobile devices.

The rights for this game belong to Drecom Co. and the company planned to release the new game for some time now. According to the developers, Wizardry VA is expected to be available in 2022 for both iOS and Android devices.

Right now, there are no details regarding the actual date, so it’s something we will hear in the near future. In the trailer for Wizardy VA, we can see the traditional dungeon scenery, some fighting action with a skeleton, and an elf interaction. If you are attentive, there is also a snowy environment, which adds more diverse locations to the game. You can get an idea of what the game will be like, but the trailer is quite minimal when it comes to the details.

Are you excited to play this game? What do you think about this new trailer? We would be glad to hear from you so share your thoughts with us in the comments below this post.

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