No Fortnite NFT, At Least Not Now

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The game’s chief executive Tim Sweeney denied the possibility of a Fortnite NFT becoming real. Here’s why.

In a recent tweet, the head of Epic Tim Sweeney made it clear that NFTs aren’t coming to Fortnite. At least so far.

The problem with NFTs, according to him, is that NFT space isn’t very safe in the first place. This opinion seems reasonable: NFT art has gained some notoriety due to various shady operations happening on the platform, like money laundering.

Epic’s CEO also seems to not believe in the NFT concept whatsoever. According to him, pieces of art sold via blockchain may be not non-fungible at all.

And therefore, numerous forgeries may happen — in turn, it can produce hundreds of thousands of dollars damages to the studio’s worth.

Besides, at the moment NFT protocol would be nothing, but a fancy toy that everyone’s buzzing about — Fortnite doesn’t need it to generate revenues. Plus, it offers no solutions, which solve such issues as the banning from the App Store.

Sweeney also paid an homage to the Web 3 thread on Twitter. In this thread, various enthusiasts and specialists discuss the future of the Internet.

According to them, Web 3 should become decentralized like the Internet was in its cradle days. And, as the commentators envision it, blockchain may play a dramatic role in bringing this pirate-like “spirit of freedom” back to the digital space.

Note: If you haven’t heard of NFTs, these are non-fungible tokens, which allow trading various digital and even physical commodities.

Based on blockchain technologies, it makes a digital asset unique and immune to forgeries. Therefore, its value can be extremely high.

So, official NFTs based on Fortnite’s universe are a pipe dream for the collectors, so far. What kind of Fortnite-related art would you like to see? Let us know in the comment section!

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