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It is possible to rate and review almost every application in digital stores, except for a select few. The App Store previously did not allow its customers to rank services installed on Apple devices by default. In September, after the release of iOS 15, this limitation was removed. Users were able to comment on almost all Apple apps, except for those that are on devices by default (the system ones) and which cannot be deleted, e.g., Messages or Phone.

Of course, the reaction was not long in coming, and the first reviews appeared almost instantly. After that, the ratings of the default apps collapsed almost immediately. Services such as Calendar, News, Calculator, Podcasts, and many others were rated. Many of them now have ratings below 4 stars, some even less than 3. For example, at the time of this writing, Translate has about 2.2 stars, and Apple Music has 3.3. Note that no branded service even comes close to five stars.

It is too early to draw any conclusions on it. The current reviews and ratings do not reflect the real situation because they are mostly negative and related to the latest updates. Overall, however, it is good that the developers have given such an opportunity. For example, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the Podcasts redesign and other innovations. Perhaps the creators will listen to customers and make adjustments.

This was a logical step because, according to the privacy policy, other developers are prohibited from hiding ratings from users. Perhaps the company did it because of the pressure of competitors. Apple should have started to comply with its own requirements and demonstrate a standard of transparency that others should be guided by.

Do you find this update useful for you? Do you plan to rate and review the standard apps?

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