Rise And Shine: 9 Best Clock Apps 2018

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When mobile phones first hit the market, one of the first victims of their impact was the wristwatch industry. While luxury vendors felt safe, ordinary watches became unnecessary for many people using them just to check the time.

But even now when we still watch our smartphones, we want more from their clocks. Precise time isn’t a thing anymore; but there’s much to add to a clock app. No wonder, first of all, it’s an alarm feature; but there’s got to be much more to this sort of apps.

We will try to review the apps available both for iOS and Android first; but even if the app is available for one of these platforms, we’ll mention it if it’s worth it.

Good Morning Alarm Clock

Platforms: iOS, Android

A perfect name to start, right? And the method this app uses is also about detecting the perfect time to wake up. These smart algorithms are based on detecting the phase of your sleep and choosing the right moment to start ringing within the period you set up.

If you have ever worn a wristband tracker or a smartwatch, you know how it works. But GMAC doesn’t require any wearable to track you. Just put your phone beside you when going to sleep. It will feel your movements as you toss and turn, even slightly.

The app has a lot more to offer. It can give some advice on your sleep quality because it monitors you even if alarm is off. The app can play relaxing sounds when you’re going to sleep (so put your earphones on). And it just looks beautiful.

Walk Me Up

Platforms: iOS, Android

Is one alarm enough to get you up and ready? Or does it take at least some morning exercise for you to wake up? If you’re not the one to switch instantly, here’s Walk Me Up to the rescue! The alarm clock you set in this app won’t calm down until you make 15 steps holding your phone. No cheating allowed: the app is smart enough to tell just shaking your phone from actuals steps you make.

All the features of the decent wake-up app are also on board. You can set up the melody and the volume, adjust snoozing time, edit the number of steps necessary for the arm to make sure you’re not asleep anymore, and so on.

To our mind, in The Walking Dead Universe Walk Me Up just hasn’t been developed. So don’t remake their mistake.

Sleep Better

Platforms: iOS, Android

No alarm clock will really help if you haven’t slept enough. To avoid zombification, Runtastic offers an app to make sure you have a good sleep and then a good wakeup call. But, in fact, it’s about your 24/7 lifestyle.

Not only this app tracks your sleep and wakes you when the time has come. It also stores the stats of your sleeping. And if you record your actions during the day, Sleep Better analyzes it and gives advice on changing your lifestyle to improve your sleep quality. Record your workouts, coffee breaks, other activity to see its impact on your night rest.

The app is a good addition to any other Runtastic app, and they will surely go together well on your phone.


Platform: iOS, Android

Maybe the developers first thought of a thriller movie about the devil’s alarm clock dragging your soul out. But then they changed their mind and decided to make the subject real. And it’s the most annoying alarm clock; we’re not sure you’ll kill for it to stop, but you may regret the money you have spent on it… until you’re finally up and glad.

It’s much more demanding than Walk Me Up. Only walking isn’t a decent sacrifice for this hell’s bell. It will make you snap a photo at a certain place, or solve a little arithmetical problem (easy unless you’re still asleep), or walk to a place you have located before. It will show you the map, but you’ll have to be capable of reading it.

You can select the tune it will use as a call. Heh, back in 1998 there was a dancefloor explosive Alarma! by a project named 666. We truly tried to select a better tune, but – you know.

Well, Alarmy is anything but a regular alarm clock. Does it take an exorcist to uninstall it? We haven’t tried yet. If we disappear after this post, you may pray for us.


Platform: iOS, Android

Enjoyable, merciless, adorable. That’s what the developer says, and it’s true. Each time the app summons some cartoon character that wakes you up this morning. And it’s at least funny. But more than that: it works. Yes, it wants you to play a little game to prove you’re really up. But will you refuse?

The cartoon guests are amusing, but there are also useful features. As you wake up, the app reads aloud today’s weather forecast, so you start planning your day from the very beginning. Or you can set the quick alarm, using not the exact daytime, but delay time from now. For example, you have promised to redial someone in an hour. So set AlarmMon to remind you in an hour exactly!

And as it goes like this, the app has advanced reminder features, so you can use it throughout the day to plan the actions you’re about to perform.

Alarm Clock by doubleTwist

Platform: Android

If you have a dock station for your phone or think of buying one, then your phone will benefit the most from this app. Just position your phone on the stand, launch this app, and enjoy a perfect, beautiful nightstand. Its design is quite brilliant, and sometimes you’ll check the time just to take a look at this luxury.

The clock offers both analog and flip modes, with the variety of faces to select. The interface can be turned both into portrait or landscape mode, for phones or tablets.

And it’s just an addition. First of all, it’s an alarm-clock stuffed with options. You can select the tune, its volume, playing mode (crescendo or regular). There are options like snooze time, multiple alarms, recurring or one-time alarms. SleepCycle mode is just what all smart alarm clocks are about: it analyzes your sleep and selects the right moment.

But, as for us, you can make the best use of this app if you position your phone on the nightstand several feet away from your bed. You’ll enjoy the beautiful sight while falling asleep; and, as the call rings, you’ll have to walk a bit to turn it off.


Platform: iOS

Yet another app that provides you a day with unique beginning. Each day you’ll have to accomplish some mission to calm down the alarm. There’s a good variety of missions. You may have to solve a problem, to play some logic game to prove your brain is active, or to scan a barcode or a photo.

Well, if you’re the one to do the complicated thing while still asleep, you can select difficulty level that will really wake you up. You must also remember that the app has enough tasks to alternate them each morning (or any time you need to wake at).

The app can turn your iPhone or iPad into a nightstand watch (don’t forget to connect the charger). Its design is as beautiful as the previous one.

Last but not least: the app tracks your sleep and collects data, so it can analyze its own efficiency and find better methods of handling you.

Sleep as Android

Platform: Android

Well, this time the mission of the app is not only in waking you up or making reminders. This one cares about how you sleep and helps you to get the best out of your night hours. This one is rumored to be the most precise sleep tracker. If it matters for you, the app can use data from wearables by Pebble, Samsung, or powered by Wear OS. It can as well sync with Google Fit or S Health. A little shiny detail: the app can control Philips HUE lamps.

The strength of this app is not only in the app itself. It can rather integrate a full set of software and hardware to guard your sleep. Beyond what we mentioned, SAA can connect to Spotify to play your tracks at the time or to share its reports via Facebook or Twitter. It can use your favorite music both as an alarm or as a lullaby.

iOS users can turn to its analog named Sleep Cycle. Not at brilliant at naming, its developers did a lot of work to recreate similar functionality, and they succeeded.

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Platform: Android

This free app can offer more than some paid ones do. It’s an advanced alarm clock you can set up any possible way: set precise time, time limits for a smart call, or countdown. And when you need to really wake up, you can select some task you’ll need to perform to make the damn machine calm down.

Prefer to be treated tenderly? Then set some pre-alarm that will prepare you for the actual one. Your awakening will be continuous, but still efficient. If your plans may change and you can suddenly wake up somewhere unusual, you can set a location-based rule, and the alarm will ring only if your routine hasn’t brought you far away. And yes, the app (or rather a service?)  stores your stats and provides you with material for your conclusions.

As for appearance, it’s highly customizable (but you must have seen it all in the apps above).

If you’re a Wear OS user, then here’s some good news for you. ACHS developers really bothered to integrate their software clock with a hardware one. Now you can control your alarm clock (hey, we said “control,” not “fool”!) from your wrist.

Of course, this list is not complete. New time tools appear every day; some are meant for waking and some for falling asleep, some control your routine and some share this control with the others. But anyway, they’re all about time.

Hope you are not staying up late reading this. And if you are… Then the article will be especially useful, right?

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