Shock: Why Netflix Wants To Know How Much You Move?

Shock: Why Netflix Wants To Know How Much You Move? on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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As it's been reported, Netflix wants to know how much you walk, jog, run, and maybe squat. But for what purpose? Why would a video-streaming service be worried about your physical condition? Let's look into the matter!

Poetry in motion sensors

By the end of July, a security expert Beto posted this Tweet: "Hey @netflix why does your Android app want physical activity data?" As it turned out, the streaming app does require access to your phone's motion sensors.

But why? Wouldn't it be great if you were just chained to your couch, watching Black Mirror and BoJack non-stop? Or is Netflix concerned with your health? Further investigation revealed something else.

It turns out, the app needs this kind of data to optimize video-buffering. The thing is the upcoming Android Q will have an Activity Recognition permission. Knowing when you're on your feet will allow Netflix to improve video streaming while you walk. And also avoid unwanted pauses or skips.

In the comment provided by the platform, it was mentioned that only "some accounts are in the test." And the company has no plans to make that feature integrated. At least so far.

Jog to help Netflix

It seems you can help Netflix improve their video quality if you like fitness. Sounds grotesque and strange. But so many great things were inspired by paradoxes.

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