Snapchat + Wimbledon — Tennis Madness!

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If you know who Andre Agassi, Anna Kurknikova, Serena Williams and Yevgeny Kafelnikov are and also if you're a Snapchat diehard fan — there's a special treat for you. In honor of Wimbledon 2019 tournament, the app launched the tennis mini-game.
Snapchat app actively supports athletic lifestyle. Last year there was a whacky feature: the Serena Williams 3D lens that could let you be in the champion's tennis shoes for a moment. This year they have a new treat — a mini multiplayer game, in which you can compete over the Top Player title with your friends.

Rock it With a Racket

Bitmoji Tennis turns the chat window into a nicely cartoonized tennis court. And there are a few modes to choose from:

  • Training. For the rookies and greenhorns.
  • One-on-One. The tennis duel that will help settle any dispute between you and a friend. Similarly to the trial by combat from GoT.
  • Winner-Stays-On. A micro-tournament with a group of Snapchat buddies.

This way you'll be able to host your own pocket Wimbledon and feel related to the most grandiose tennis event of the year.
However, there's always a fly in the ointment and Bitmoji Tennis has a fat one — semi-mandatory ads. In between the virtual matches you and your rivals will be suggested to a view a relatively short advertisement. Though it doesn't sound tempting, as a compensation, watching ads allows you to upgrade your rackets so later you can crush the opponents like eggshells.

The game is focused on the gadget-tilting mechanics. So don't expect the triumph to be yours that easily — it actually takes practice and patience. Just like in the real sport. As for the rest it's a well-produced time-killer, which doesn't require installation of some extra content. Enjoy unlimited tennis matches for free (basically). Right on your couch.

Fully Encrypted

Other Snapchat news: the ethereal messenger finally has added an encryption algorithm to protect your photos and videos. Now media files will be protected with an end-to-end encryption — probably AES-256 — to exclude your sensitive data from being accessed, intercepted and stolen by a 3d party.

Shared media will still be disappearing 24 hours after being posted. However, the app's servers will store this kind of data for 30 consecutive days. That is necessary if some of the users fail to access Snapchat and see what messages with pics and vidz their friends have left for them.

What's a little bizarre though, Snapchat's text messages still remain unprotected. Partly it's due to the 'ghostly' gimmick of the messenger, in which nothing stays forever. However, they are still kept for a specific period of time on the Snap Inc. servers, which makes the private data they contain somewhat vulnerable.

In January 2019, Snapchat's' representative assured that the messenger is planning to bring extra protection to the text-messaging and group chats. No deadline date was specified though.

Time for the Couch Wimbledon!

All in all, Snapchat doesn't cease to keep the fans entertained with its free content. So download the app, invite a friend, start up the game and learn how to moan like Maria Sharapova during a match. Wimbledon tournament begins July 1, ending July 14 2019. To keep track of matches, live broadcasts, ratings and victories visit the official site.

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