So Long: Windows Mobile 8 & 8.1 Will Never Be Updated Again

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The Monster Corp's plans to knock Android and iOS off their leading positions resulted in a fiasco. Since July 1 2019, Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 won't receive updates, including the security-related ones. The good news is that Windows 10 Mobile is still in the game. But for how long?

Goodbye Time

Software developers have been notified that they still can release updates for their Win-supported products. But again they will be available exclusively on Windows 10 devices. No new apps or games can be submitted for the mobile platform either — it's been stated last autumn.
This decision came as no surprise: back in the summer of 2017 Windows Phone 8.1 stopped receiving patches and fixes. Though certain devices can still be upgraded to Windows 10 for free. The model list includes:

  • MCJ Madosma.
  • BLU Win HD LTE and HD 2510u.
  • Lumia phones — from 430 to 1520 (except for Lumia Icon).

Unfortunately, another dilemma emerges: according to Microsoft's statement, Windows 10 Mobile support will be put on halt permanently too. The deadline is December 10, this year. This is certainly bad news for the Lumia users, since their gadgets run mostly on Windows 10.

Windows Mobile 10

Naturally, popular apps will revoke releasing updates for the platform as well. Such titans as Uber, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Instagram will bid their farewell to Win 10 by the end of the year. Don't expect any updates to your favorite messenger in 2020, folks.

Mobile Fiasco

Microsoft's ambitious plan to begin a blitzkrieg and take over the mobile industry through purchasing Nokia in 2013 ended up a shipwreck. After losing money with unpopular device series, corporation took a fateful decision: phase out the production, fire a few thousand employees and forget about capitalizing on an investment worth almost 7 billion dollars.

Bill Gates' brainchild seemed to recover quickly and move on after the defeat. Currently Microsoft is doing very well in the cloud industry. its product Azure is quite popular in the corporate world and offers such services as cloud storage, data management, high-density hosting, Cortana Intelligence Suite and so forth. As of now, Sony and Microsoft prepare a game streaming project nicknamed xCloud, based on Azure technology.

All things Must Pass

We have already seen the decline of the legendary Win XP. We said hasta la vista to Vista. And now it's Windows Mobile turn to leave the market forever, earning a controversial, but surely memorable place in the tech-history. Recently, Mr. Gates confessed in an interview that his biggest regret is not inventing Android. Well, it's for the better. We all know what happened to Zune.

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