Sony Is Considering PS4 Remote Play for Nintendo Switch

Sony Is Considering PS4 Remote Play for Nintendo Switch on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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After an alliance with Microsoft concerning streaming services, Sony seemingly makes a step towards its other big rival – Nintendo. At least, so says the latest survey suggesting that Remote Play can appear on Nintendo Switch.

Remote Play is one of the most attractive and ubiquitous features of the current console generation. With it, you can play remotely on other devices, using your PlayStation 4 as a server. Response and delay (if any) depend on the bandwidth, so one needs a decent connection to use this feature.

Remote Play already supports numerous client devices, including PC, Mac, iOS- and Android-based smartphones and tablets. All of them are quite versatile, even proprietary ones by Apple. But Apple has never been a serious competitor for Sony in the gaming industry, unlike Nintendo.

If this survey results in Sony releasing a Remote Play client for Switch, it will be the precedent. Sony and Nintendo rivalry has been going on for long, especially since 1991 when Nintendo released Super NES CD-ROM on its own, despite it was planned as a joint gaming system. This eventually led to Sony developing the PlayStation series, the most successful gaming device ever, and its service structures. It would be fun to see Nintendo becoming a part of it. On the other hand, Switch owners would easier access PS-exclusive games, and PS4 owners compare DualShock to JoyCons.

What do you think about it? Do you have a PS4, a Switch, both, or none? Would you use Switch for Remote Play? Leave a comment if you please.

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