Sony Makes PS4 Remote Play Available for Android

Sony Makes PS4 Remote Play Available for Android on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Good news everyone! Sony has finally decided to unlock Remote Play for Android devices of 5.0 and higher. The PS4 System Software 7.00 version is here, and we can buy it for $269.99. Android owners receive more options.

What does Remote Play give?

Well, at least it may give us freedom in choosing a device. All PS3 and PS4 users from now on can transfer video and audio files onto PS TV, PS Vita and Android. And while the Remote Play option was available even earlier, the number of Android devices was limited to Xperia tablets and smartphones. Now, Sony extended the number of devices.

How to use the app?

If you have a 7.0 version installed, all you need is an Android phone with a 5.0 system or later to link it with PS4. Download PS4 Remote Play app on your phone from the official Android Google Play store. Open the app and follow all the instructions it sends to you so you can produce the link between two devices. According to Sony officials, all your PS4 games must be compatible with new devices except for those games that use PS Move and similar peripherals.

If you want to use your Android tablet or phone but without having to use the touch screen for controls, Sony offers DualShock 4 controller. You can switch it on through the Bluetooth for Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhone. However, to use this option, you need to have Android 10 at least, iOS 13 or higher, iPad 13 or higher, or macOS Catalina.

Party time

Sony has improved its Party option on PS4. Now you can gather 16 friends to play with you, instead of 8, as it was before. There were some improvements made in the connection of the network. The quality of audio was increased. Besides, now you can connect the support team whenever you want, using the chat.
Do you prefer to play PS4 or will you use the new possibility? What is your favorite PS4 game you can’t wait to play on Android? Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you don’t like the idea of playing this way, explain your opinion too.

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