SoundCloud: Top Tips for Promoting Your Music

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SoundCloud is a perfect tool for musicians who want to find their audience. It has a solid reputation and a friendly community of real music fans. Yet, with time, the number of artists increased so much, it became almost impossible for their music to be heard. Currently, there are over 20 million musicians trying to gain popularity.

Top-5 Tips to Get Noticed

The time when you could place your work on SoundCloud and wait for positive feedback ended many years ago. If you want to become visible, you have to act. And your actions mustn’t be chaotic or desperate. You need to create a strategy that will work. Read these tips and try them on SoundCloud.

Learn your audience

The first thing you have to do is to find out everything about your ideal listener. You have to use analytics provided by SoundCloud. The detailed information on the age, nationality, music interests of your listeners may help you to become closer to your goal. Pick the target audience, find out what they like apart from your songs, and make them happy. Develop your marketing plan and optimize the ads you create.

Talk to people

It is ok to be an introvert who just wants to create music, staying hidden from others. However, that strategy does not work at all if you dream about being famous. You have to interact with fans, as well as with other musicians. Like their posts, answer the questions, create some online and offline events. Show your active side to become visible.

Team up with artists

You can collaborate with musicians on SoundCloud to gain a bigger audience. This is a win-win situation. You and your partner receive the chance to be heard by more listeners. It does not have to be a friendly concert, you can try to sell your music to others if you want. For example, if you create great melodies on the piano and believe it will sound good in the songs by specific artists, you can start negotiating about collaboration.

Power of social media

You can sync up the SoundCloud page with all your social networks. This way, you can attract your friends and followers to listen to your songs. Fans from SoundCloud will be able to see you as a real person. The major requirement here is your presence on social media. You can’t provide links to empty pages or old ones. Social networks are a big part of any advertising campaign. You don’t have to pay lots of money for ads if you have many followers on your pages. Besides, Instagram and Twitter create the effect of presence and let you interact with fans.

Arrange settings

To improve your visibility, you can start by fixing your settings on SoundCloud. Start with setting the content on streaming only. It will limit virality and block downloading options, but the counts of streams will go higher. Besides, you have to put some of the tracks behind a paywall, making them available for free. It can be short singles and b-sides. The long-form releases, in that time, will appear in the preview mode.

The Strategy of Success

No matter how well-developed your strategy is, you still need to provide high-quality content. This is the major task of any artist. Improve your visibility while practicing and becoming a great musician. Follow these simple steps to get on top of the charts.

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