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The iPhone that comes out next year may look like the iPhone 4. And while the latest iPhone 11 was released only a week ago, users want to know more about the upcoming iPhone. It is not surprising since the speculation about the new year’s iPhone started even earlier than speculations about iPhone 11. Even Apple itself calls it iconic. But will it be a comeback to the roots or something entirely new?

Revelations From Ming-Chi Kuo Analyst

Ming-Chi Kuo may be a self-proclaimed iPhone oracle, but at least all his predictions came true. So, when he starts speaking, we listen. According to him, there will be significant changes with the look of the new iPhone. He says that the main changes will happen with the iPhone’s frame of metal. He believes that there may be similarities with iPhone 4.

Kuo predicts a flat surface and metal frame. Unlike the curved shape of the current model, the design of the new device will be close to the iPhone 4. The design of the iPhone 11 has a curved edge. But iPhone 4 had straight edges (if you still remember). Kuo says that the fresh design of the phone could be its main attraction. He also forecasts a significant boost in iPhone sales.

Can it be True?

While we are grateful to Kup for his expert opinion, we believe that curved or straight edges can’t possibly be a turning point for a new iPhone. It has to deal with bigger problems, like the 5G network, for example. Previous models did not have preinstalled 5G options. This time, market analysts expect to see 5G in the new model in 2020.

Since its first debut in 2007, iPhone did not change its design significantly. However, Apple continues to add new features like cameras, thinner body and took away the home button and headphone jack. They’ve also expanded the color palette. Now they offer black, white, silver, gold, blue, red, orange and yellow phones. So, what’s next? Will we finally see a green iPhone in yellow spots? What do you think will be the main feature of the 2020 iPhone?

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