Speed-Dating Comes to Facebook

Speed-Dating Comes to Facebook on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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In addition to Facebook Dating and Tinder, FB is planning to launch a new service. It will adapt a popular concept of real-life speed-dating.

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation Team will introduce “Sparked” — a video speed-dating service. The concept seems to be inspired by the recent popularity of numerous video apps — Zoom, Ola Party, Google Hangouts.

The app has a chance to outshine Tinder — another FB’s service — as it offers a fresh touch to the online dating. Now you don’t need to text a person for a week or two, appoint a date and be disappointed with them in real life. (Sad).

The “video Tinder” will let you understand whether you like a person or not right away. Sparked will mimic the real-life speed-dating, and you’ll be limited to about 4 minutes.

Once you run out of time, you can like a person to have a second date or ignore them to dismiss their profile.

There are no direct messaging, swiping, photo galleries and other stuff you’d typically expect from a dating app. But knowing Facebook, these feature may come in a premium version.

To be a part of Sparked you’ll need to have a verified Facebook account. As well as stable traffic connection. It’s also expected there will be minimal requirements for your video camera.

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