Spread the Word: Microsoft Released a New MS Word For PC

Spread the Word: Microsoft Released a New MS Word For PC on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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The new desktop build of the text editor is now powered by ML and AI.

On June 11, 2019, the new Word MS has been added to the MS Office catalogue. What makes it unique is that through employing machine learning (ML), the software will auto-suggest better word choice for your writing. No matter if it's technical or creative.

Clever Prompts

As the field tests show, Word deems that 'inexpensive' is better than 'costless', 'car' is better than 'vehicle'. Although some may find the new feature not that useful, it actually helps to avoid tautologies and stick to the selected writing style more efficiently. To accept an AI-driven suggestion, right-click on a word in question and select Rewrite.

Other changes include drawing tools that allow you to paint over pics. Day and Night modes are also available through the Sun/Moon buttons. Links can be browsed either in your browser or right in Word, depending on how you like it. And a word you search for in the document will be found even if you misspell it. Too bad there's no feature Suggest a good headline yet.

Wanna Have a ‘Word’?

MS Word 2019 is available as a part of MS Office package starting at $249.99 or solo for $129.99. It's compatible with Windows 10 and MacOS. With its new AI and ML features you ‘risk’ to dramatically boost your efficiency with docs.

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