Sunglasses That Please Your Ears — Bose's Audio Shades Will Kill iPod

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Bose's new product can revolutionize the music hardware market. Stylish shades from Bose synchronize with your smartphone and play tunes, at the same time not depriving you from the acoustic waves of the surrounding reality.

A curious music player/toy comes in two forms: Bose Alto and Rondo. The only difference between them is that Rondo has round lenses. As for the rest shades are unisex and don't set any gender restrictions.

Magic Funky Shades

Either arm of the sunglasses is equipped with a microscopic active speaker. It transmits the sound into your ear drums, using the cranium resonance. As a result, people around won't be able to hear a tune you're blasting at the moment. But you, in fact, will be hearing the sounds of the real world.

It makes Bose's shades a better option than regular headphones when crossing the road or parlaying with someone.
As tests show, sound quality is actually pretty decent. Sound produced by Bose wonder-shades can be easily compared to that, which a pair of earplugs can make. But earplugs can't protect your sensitive pupils from the mid-summer sun, can they?

HD Sound + Safety

Activating them doesn't require much effort. Simply follow these steps:

1) Put on shades like a cool person you are.
2) Activate them by pushing the tiny button on the right arm.
3) Through Bluetooth signal, synch the shades and your gadget to make them work in a duo. Signal range is about 30 feet.

Naturally, managing your tracks, playlists, equalization, volume etc, will also be done on the smartphone. Sadly, there's no place on the shades, where buttons for sound adjustment could be put.

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Although some may look at Bose's invention skeptically, it's hard to disagree that listening to music privately and having your ears open is something new. Something fresh, radical and funky. Besides, as you can imagine the music-shades provide more safety to every music junkie: you will hear a possible danger coming, while still savoring your favorite track.

Magic Accessories

As for the shades, their lenses do a good job at filtering ultraviolet and UVB rays — 99% of them, according to Bose. Besides they are immune to being scratched. Their weight is about 50 grams and they are crafted from a solid nylon-based material. Battery life lasts for 3,5 hours of non-stop jamming.

Complimentary items include:

  • Charging device;
  • Carry Case;
  • Cloth bag.

Music Never Stops

One more extra bonus: the shades have their own app Bose Connect. It features an AR option, so far available only for iOS. One of the tricks it can do is to alert you when your favorite band is going to hit the stage during the upcoming Coachella festival. Pretty neat, huh?

Both models cost $199 and can be bought via Amazon. Learn more about them and explore the subtle acoustic magic that fills our world!

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