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“A portable television studio!” `On seeing Marty’s camcorder in 1955, Doc Emmett Brown was no more surprised about an actor being the President in 1985. If it was a smartphone from 2019, it would have the same effect, maybe a bit stronger. But even the authors of Back to the Future couldn’t predict how powerful mobile video would grow, with up to 4K resolution, following autofocus, lighting effects… and good edit apps for videos to make it all shine.

Even the default apps for video editing that Android or iOS devices have built in are good for basic operations, and they come for free. But the right app can release your inner Spielberg and let you create videos with more and more effects and quality enhancements.

We couldn’t select one video editing best app for all the platforms. So here comes our top 5 of choice.

KineMaster Pro

KineMaster Pro app screenshot

It’s one of the most powerful video editing tools for mobile systems, offering nonlinear video editing with multiple mixable streams and a lot of available effects. You can blend video, add soundtracks and mix them right within the app, trim videos, crop the picture, add subtitles and stickers, alter the playback speed, and so on.
With KineMaster Pro video editor you can use your camera for taking footages and the editor for making great movies out of them. Right from the app, you can send the videos out to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

It’s distributed under the subscription model, so downloading a hacked KineMaster Pro apk won’t let you use it for free. You’ll still have your videos watermarked and some premium effects locked. Instead, it features the reasonable price for an overall subscription, as well as paid extra effects, some made by third-party developers. Every week there are lots of new content in KineMaster’s inner Asset Store.

CyberLink Power Director

CyberLink Power Director app screenshot

If you use both your mobile device and your desktop/laptop to edit videos, you better opt for a real cross-platform app. PowerDirector by CyberLink is one of the most popular video editing tools for Windows, as well as for Android or ChromeOS. It’s quite a standard video editor, with multitrack video and audio timelines, special effects, transitions and filters, speed adjusting, and other traditionally popular features.

Basically, the app is free, but, say, exporting FullHD or 4K video is only supported in the premium version. Besides that, videos edited with CyberLink Power Director Free will carry a watermark. The mobile app shows ads as you are using it.


FilmoraGo app screenshot

While there is a default set of features any decent video editing app should do, like video trimming, applying filters and effects, using various preinstalled transitions, editing subtitles, various output ratios, and so on. FilmoraGo has it all covered, and a little more for your comfortable work. If you need to edit YouTube videos, the app can download videos right from YouTube and insert them into your project. It also works with Instagram and other popular services.

One of the best things about FilmoraGo is the possibility to insert static photos into your video stream. Another great pro is its selection of licensed tracks that can be used as parts of your video’s soundtrack. There is also a special built-in tool for creating an animation based on texts (something like WordArt, but on a higher level). And with all this stuff FimoraGo is one of the most affordable editors: it’s only $2 to get your videos rid of the Logo Roll.


Vizmato app screenshot

This app is equally well fit for editing videos and slideshows made of images, so it may be the greatest selection if you need to make a video out of static images or involve a number of these. It’s a perfect choice when you are making a video for Facebook or Instagram, to make your picture more vivid and attract more audience.

Other pros of Vizmato include dozens of preinstalled video themes and effects; you just need to pick one and apply it to make a video by one of the patterns. The app can alter the playback speed within the same project. To sound it up, you can use various licensed tracks or voice effects transforming human voice into something different but distinct. Finally, the integration of the editor and the camera module is almost perfect here.

Though the app is basically free, there is a premium subscription for $12/yr. It brings you extra visual FX, removes the logo, and offers even more licensed audio tracks. The app is module-based, so some effects, transitions, filters and other tools need to be bought separately.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip app screenshot

And here comes another companion app, meant to be used along with its desktop version. Adobe is well known for its Premiere, a video suite that has become one of the industry defaults. Its mobile version, Premiere Clip, is designed rather as an auxiliary app than a standalone one. It’s bound to Adobe Creative Cloud that makes the exchange easy if you use the desktop version as well. So you can start your project on your desktop or laptop, and finish it on your tablet – that’s what Creative Cloud is for.

Premiere Clip has one tool that can’t be overrated when it comes to creating memories, invitations, congratulations, and other ad hoc videos: rhythm-based editing. Select the music you want to accompany your video. Then the app will suggest the rhythm of frame switching that matches its beat. You can choose the music Adobe offers, or select your own; if you opt for the latter, you are responsible in case of copyright violation, so in most situations we recommend using something GPL-ed.

As for video effects, Adobe Premiere Clip lets you just drag and drop videos and photos to the project timeline, select transitions, trim fragments, mix audio tracks with flexible envelopes, and so on.

Add Your App

This isn’t the definitive list of video editing apps; say, we skipped decent apps like Horizon or Boomerang, because their missions are very specific. iMovie or Splice were dropped because they are iOS exclusives, while all the apps we chose are available for both Android and iOS. But there still can be something worthy we have missed, so feel free to point it out.

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