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When speaking of “eternal values”, we may mean love, peace, and unity, but considering what we actually value (that is, spend our money and time), there should be a place for McDonald’s at least in Top 10. Being established six years before the first computer was launched, this franchise perfectly fits in today. Here we speak of the official McDonald’s app for the USA, but that covers most of the features ever available. Some of them may be missing in other countries.

McDonald’s quickly gained its reputation of an Internet-friendly place, with sockets at tables, Wi-Fi networks in each restaurant, Qi charging spots, and protective coffee containers. Wherever you are, you know: McDonald’s gets you online for free. So if we access the Internet via McDonald’s, the next step is accessing McDonald’s via the Internet.

And, of course, there’s an app for that. It would be correct to speak of a variety of apps, because in each country there is a national app developed independently, catering to local demands and offers.

What McDonald’s App Does

The official McDonald’s app is here to upgrade your Mac experience and integrate it into your everyday life even if you’re away from the spot. It’s reached by multiple ways featured in the app.


What we’re lovin’ McDonald’s for is a constant race of deals and offers. Bargains and bonuses, special menus, exclusive foods and combinations, and all of that is described in the app.

There are also special offers unavailable outside of the app. Say, when McDonald's offers you a free coffee for each five you buy, it only does it via the app, so you need it to get that benefit. There are special offers available only via the app; they’re nothing of charity, but if visiting Mac is your daily habit, you may save enough money for your data plan.

Foods Info

The menu is available in a separate tab. Each position is described in full detail, with all the ingredients, potential allergens, and nutritional value. And there are photos, just like those on the walls at the restaurant desk. The photos are really tasty, as far as we can use this word about inedible things.

Well, it’s a shame the app doesn’t integrate with calorie counters like MyFitnessPal, but they probably have all these McFoods filed. You only need to enter the name and to check whether the data is correct. The rest is made to make ordering as easy as can be. Selected foods and drinks can be added to your order in one tap.

Ordering and Payments

With all the menu’s info services, it’s also meant for instant ordering. Wherever you are, you may select the foods and drinks you want and include them into your order. You don’t need to flash your cash when you get in, and even a card isn’t necessary. The app uses location services, so you’re charged only as you check in the restaurant.

You can select the method your order is delivered. The most obvious way is to pick it up right at the spot. But it may be easier to get it brought by Curbside or delivered to Drive Thru. Just select the method you prefer in the app while making your order. It takes several seconds and saves you time. In Drive Thru you need to confirm your order with a 4-digit code you receive via the app after the order is made.

As the app goes mobile, the payment system of your smartphone is supported too. So iPhone users can use Apple Pay instead of traditional methods, and those on Android can pay via Android Pay.

For those outside the USA, some features may differ. For example, online payments may be not available, so you’ll have to pay right in the restaurant, with a terminal or even at a desk after standing in line.

Location Services

So, you want to visit McDonald’s, but you don’t know where the nearest one is? The app offers you a built-in map with the restaurants highlighted. You can build your route to the one you select right within it. Your order may wait for you by the time you arrive.

The Benefits It Brings

  • You learn all the deals as soon as they’re announced. So, if McDonald's offers a free coffee or, say, medium fries as a bonus to your orders, you will be notified immediately. All you need is to allow the app to send you notifications.
  • You save your time by ordering remotely. When making your order, you select the spot where and when you want to receive it. So there’ll be no waiting in line there. The Favorite section makes your preferred foods more accessible.
  • In a strange area, you can locate the nearest restaurant and make your way towards it. Maybe it’s not what local cuisine is famous about, but McDonald's is the name that grants. So you save your time and risk for your health.

How much does it save you a month? It depends on your habits. But even a dollar or two a day could result in $30-60 monthly, a sum that may cover your phone data plan, Netflix and YouTube Premium subscriptions. And that doesn’t include the time you save, not having to stand in line at the desk.

The Future

What we have available today seemed fantastic ten years ago. Well, it’s not so glowing today. If you read the reviews of the app, you may notice that one of the most common complaints is not about the app at all. It’s about employees that don’t know how to handle the remote orders. Some of them even feel like they’re to be replaced by machines soon. This human factor is what we may improve by learning programs so far, but it’s not the only improvement we’ll gladly face.

Another issue some users encounter is about connectivity. At a store some users couldn’t register their coupons and thus enjoy the deals, having to pay the full price. That stains the company’s reputation, but it can be fixed by technical means.

Many restaurants have already gone digital as much as they could. You won’t find a protein cashier in some of them: you need to make your order digitally and receive it when notified of your turn. Cash money is off the process too. You can pay both with your card and from the app. These ways may seem obsolete, but if it’s demanded, they will maintain it. But will there be more grades of freedom? Sure, we say.

Can we imagine that one day McDonald’s follows Amazon and sets off an army of drones to deliver Big Macs and McFlurries right to your open window? Why not, in fact. And on that day you will need your McDonald’s app more often than a physical restaurant.

So far, in different countries, McDonald’s offers its specific foods (or excludes some inappropriate for local cultures). It’s OK. It’s not so OK that in each country McDonald’s has its own set of online services, that varies from country to country and sometimes doesn’t include features that are basic for the US. But there is something that can be unified, and it’s an online service. One account will apply for all Macs worldwide. So, regardless of your citizenship, you’ll be able to access McDonald’s menus and services wherever you are.

But so far, with reasonable use of what we got, McDonald’s app is the thing to improve the life quality right now. Of course, burgers and sweet drinks are not to be abused, but there are other apps to control that. Bon Appétit to y’all lovin’ it!

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