TikTok Testing Redesigned Instagram-Like Profile View

TikTok Testing Redesigned Instagram-Like Profile View on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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It seems that no new idea remains exclusive for long, especially in the social media industry. TikTok has always looked like a next-gen Instagram variation, legalizing trends like vertical videos and karaoke to actual hits. Now the fastest-growing social media tests a new design that resembles Instagram visually.

The new look of user profiles on TikTok will resemble that of Instagram. The avatars and stats of followers are now moved to the left part of the screen, with the bio taking more place. Taylor Lorenz, a New York Times reporter, was the first to pay attention to it and share a tweet about it.

Officially it’s already confirmed by a TikTok spokesperson. The company really conducts some tests and experiments concerning profile view, and it may resemble other social media. It doesn’t have to be a direct imitation, though; this way of organizing profiles may be defined by pure usability reasons.

It’s quite logical, though, for ideas to spread around. Stories, first introduced in Snapchat, then appeared on Instagram and Facebook. Vertical videos were legalized with IGTV. What TikTok introduced was music: its library is enormous, and a TikTok user won’t get banned for violating copyrights. The circle can close with the new video editor by Instagram, named Reels; it copies some best features of TikTok. For example, users can adjust playback speed or import audio tracks from other videos. Will they all look the same before the next big idea arrives?

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