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Honestly, I love music. No doubt that my favorite songs became the soundtracks to my life and I believe I’m not the only one out there. We listen to music almost the whole day. In a traffic jam, in the gym or just at your house, music can lighten up your mood. There are thousands of music apps for iPhone in the App Store. Each of them has its pros and cons, but in this article, I’d like to offer you a top list of music apps for your iOS smartphone.

Best Music Streaming Apps

The list is presented in an arbitrary order. Check the app chart to decide which one meets your needs the most.

Apple Music

Apple Music is an ensuite music streaming service that was launched in 2015 by Apple Inc. To use the whole feature kit of the service, you’ll need to buy a subscription. With Apple Music, you get the access to the newest songs and top charts.

Pandora Music

The Pandora Music app provides a classical music streaming kit. After you bought a subscription, you are able to create your own music playlists, discover other users playlists and get new tracks that were inspired by your choices every day.


The SoundCloud app is great not only for listeners but also for music makers. This is a free platform where musicians can share their music with the World. Create playlists, explore new sounds or find and stream your favorite tracks for free.

YouTube Music

YouTube developers dropped the YouTube Music service a short time ago, but the app has already gained the 4th place in the App Store music chart. And we believe it really deserves the place it owns. With only $9.99 subscription per month, you get a great music player with thousands of fresh tracks, live performances and ability to listen to the music in the background.


Spotify is one of the giants in the world of music-streaming apps and also the major Apple Music rival. Unlike the Apple service, Spotify was launched in 2006 and gained a huge audience. The main advantage of the Spotify app is that it provides users with a free tier that allows listening to anything in shuffle mode on your iPhone for free.

Amazon Prime Music

The Amazon Prime Music service is a great addition for those who have the Amazon Prime subscription. The app pleases with its easy design and ability to listen and sing along to your favorite songs.


TIDAL service is owned by Jay-Z and a number of other Hip-Hop and R&B Kings and Queens. Want to come closer to the music Olympus? Then Tidal definitely needs to be on your iPhone. One of its greatest benefits is that you can explore artists-made playlists and discover tons of fresh music and video content with only $9.99 per month subscription.


The iHeartRadio is one of the best apps to have on your iPhone. The app provides all the features to enjoy your favorite songs for free. You can listen to the single artist stations, explore hundreds of AM and FM radio stations, get fresh news from all over the world, download and create music podcasts in one single app.

Musi - Simple Music Streaming

Musi app is a free music streaming service that will conquer your attention once you’ll get it on your phone’s desktop. Being a number 5 on the App Store top music apps chart Musi app is one of the best free apps for all music lovers. Its feature kit includes free access to the freshest music library and direct music streaming from YouTube.

Cloud Music Player+

The Cloud Music Player+ is another worth-your-attention free music streaming app. The app includes the built-in music player, possibility to download songs for offline playback and browsing music from your DropBox or GoogleDrive. Listen to all your favorite songs in one app.

So, what did you decide? It is clear that music streaming apps rule the world of music lovers all over the World and we hope that our top 10 music apps chart will help you to choose the best one!

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