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Hands down, IMO is one of the simplest and best messengers around. However, its functionality may be too simplistic to some users. If you're one of them — good news! We have prepared Top 5 IMO alternatives for your gadget.


1. Telegram — From Russia with encryption

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Telegram is truly a multi-purpose mobile messenger. It has gained notoriety in such countries like Russia and Iran, because the authors refused to disclose the keys to its encryption algorithms. Therefore, Telegram is believed to be one of the safest IMs on the market at privacy-guarding.

It has all the tools you could possibly need. There are instant messages, voice & video calls, group conferences, and tons of emojis, stickers, and GIFs to liven up your written convos. File sharing supports all mainstream formats including MP3, JPEG, Doc, Zip, etc. Furthermore, the app is free from the plague of pop-ups and ads, so nothing will interrupt your communication. No matter if it's for business or fun.

For those, who are extremely paranoid about their privacy, Telegram has a clever feature. You can set your messages to disappear automatically after a while with no trace. Just like in Snapchat, only it's unknown for how long Telegram keeps your messages recorded on the servers.

Telegram will guard your privacy like a lion. Or a Russian bear.

2. Signal — Paranoid Android

Signal application screenshots

Signal is acknowledged as the safest mobile messenger around. There are two reasons for that. First, its messages get auto-deleted over the course of time and cannot be retrieved by any means. Second, Signal stores no information regarding your texting, calling, and so forth. In other words, the application doesn't register or stash any encrypted traffic coming from your device.

The app is an absolute champion in terms of security. However, its entertaining side is quite poor. There are no quirky photo-filters and a very limited amount of goofy emojis and stickers. At the same time, its audio/video quality is amazingly good. You will get crystal clear calls most of the time, even if you have to stick to 3G connectivity.

Thanks to these features, Signal is greatly appreciated by political opposition, civil rights movements and companies that want to exclude the possibility of corporate espionage. The military and Disney probably use it as well.

Download Signal if you don't fancy the idea of someone snooping around your chats.

3. WhatsApp — The heavyweight champion

WhatsApp application screenshots

WhatsApp needs no introduction. Its audio & video call quality always remains seamless. And your texting won't be interfered with any annoying ads. One of the reasons why WhatsApp has become #1 among IMO alternatives, is its smooth performance. The app barely glitches and stutters even on older devices.

There's an extensive repertoire of easily recognizable emojis. Laughing kitties, lady-bugs & koalas, angry devil face — they already have become iconic in the web culture. You can have one-on-one or group calls without any limits. If your friend is too busy to chat at the moment — leave a voice message. It is a great substitute for an answering machine.

It also features a rich and free sticker collection including

  • The Maladroits,
  • Cute weirdo Opi,
  • Artsy Salt Face,
  • Dragon Komo,
  • Puppy Shiba Inu,
  • Fearless & Fabulous series celebrating women,
  • Blue monkey Banana and many others.

If you like following brands, stores, music labels, radio stations and so on, you can add their WhatsApp channels to your contact list. Thus you'll enjoy their latest news, updates, contests, etc.

As a messenger, WhatsApp has everything you can possibly dream of.

4. Skype — Nothing beats the classics

Skype application screenshots

Skype is a pioneering messenger. Run by Microsoft, it offers high-quality video calls and instant messaging. However, its performance speed leaves a lot to be desired. Just like a prehistoric beast, Skype is too awkward and clumsy sometimes. Plus it's pretty good at draining the battery life and consuming RAM.

You can set a current status reflecting your mood, so your friends will see it. Or choose Absent, Online, Do Not Disturb — the latter blocks all incoming calls and doesn't notify you of new text messages. Skype is also famous for its astonishing number of GIFs and famous animated emojis. Perhaps one of the reasons why you would like to install the app is its exclusive Star Wars emojis including:

  • T-Fighter shooting lasers;
  • Adorable screaming porg;
  • Storm Trooper helmet;
  • Kylo Ren's mask;
  • Chewbacca posing with a bowcaster.

Moreover, there's a Mask feature that allows to snap pics and shoot videos with Star Wars-themed masks. This might be a great chance for you to pose as Lord Vader.

Skype is entirely free to use. However, you can unlock a premium feature that lets you call actual phone numbers. The calls can be made globally for business and even trolling purposes.

Skype is a living legend and one of the best apps like IMO.

5. Viber — Juicy berry messenger

Viber application screenshots

Some say that WhatsApp is for business and Viber is for fun. Maybe it is true. Especially with Viber's numerous stickers, GIFs and zany emojis. The app does a solid job with calls, both audio and video. You can leave voice notes or pre-recorded video messages. Group conferences can be held as well if you need to organize a brainstorm or a family meeting. The app is free from ads — its central source of revenue is the sticker shop.

Viber will melt your heart with its simplicity and quirkiness.

Finding IMO

These apps will do a great job at replacing IMO. Although this messenger is pretty awesome with its laconic GUI, call quality and minimalistic size. What is your favorite messenger? Do you know any better IMO alternatives? Lets us know!

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