Top 5 VR Apps for Watching Movies on Android, iOS 2019: Create a Theatrical Experience

Top 5 VR Apps for Watching Movies on Android, iOS 2019: Create a Theatrical Experience on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Virtual reality is a fully immersive, computer-simulated environment that gives you the feeling of being somewhere else. It can be a game or a video that is played around you. The idea is to trick your brain into thinking that what is happening around is actually real. All you need to do is to get a pair of headsets and download some of the VR apps.

We have come a long way since dreaming about VR to the advanced technologies that move humanity forward. If you own an Android phone or iPhone and are interested in streaming a video to your device, then you’ve probably purchased one of the best VR headsets. The next step is to explore the VR apps. To simplify your task, here is the list of the best VR apps for Android that allow you to experience that “night out at the movies” feeling!

  1. Youtube VR: explore every video on Youtube as a 3D world

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With Youtube VR you can watch regular youtube videos as well as 360° videos. Once you put on your glasses, you’ll see the large screen right in front of you, with the black room around. The app will recenter the screen wherever you click. If you go to your account, there will be a bunch of recommended videos for you, based on the experience of previous users along with your subscriptions.

With your video playing, you can look in all directions. That will give you the feeling of flying over the action of the movie or like being present there.

2. Netflix VR: a cozy home environment

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Netflix will allow you to see a favorite movie/TV series/documentary sitting on a cosy couch in front of a large TV. Instead of the remote you can use a pointer that will react to your head moving. Netflix works with Google Daydream View Vr Headset only. If you have another headset, the pointer there will be disabled, so you won’t be able to use Netflix app properly.

On your touchpad, you can swipe up and down, left and right, in search of the movie. If you leave a screen area and move around the room, you won’t be able to see the pointer anymore.

The main advantage of the Netflix app is that it allows you to enjoy the movie in a very nice home atmosphere. Basically, you’re watching a movie in a relaxing environment with the lights switched off. You can take your home cinema with you wherever you go.

3. Google Play Movies and TV: buy or rent the newest movies before they hit streaming apps

Google Play Movies and TV

With Google Daydream Platform virtual reality has finally hit the VR apps mass market. Watching movies on Google Daydream Platform is simple enough with the Google Play Movies and TV app. It takes you into the beautiful house with all these movie props around (the Titanic, Jurassic Park dinosaur, etc). In the center, there is a library of the movie titles recommended by Google. You’ll be watching movies outside the house, on the big screen, with a nice cozy tree-house at the back. You cannot make the screen bigger though like in the Youtube VR app. It is also impossible to lie in your bed or sit on the couch while watching, which is a bit uncomfortable. We all like to watch favorite movies while we are down and resting, rather than standing on our legs for two hours.


4. SKYBOX: stream like magic


SKYBOX is the most popular app for streaming videos without loss of quality. It works with all the platforms: Oculus, Daydream, Gear Vr, etc. The environment is an incredible apartment where you will sit on a soft pillow in front of the big screen. On the top, there are all the video files you’ve got on your phone. Once the video starts playing, it takes you to the cinema. You can change that if you want and go to the space station. The video can be zoomed in, become larger or smaller. You can stream video from your phone, computer or any network-attached storage.

5. HULU: watch TV series on a private island without sand in your shoes :)


This app has a great set of VR features. You can change your environment to a modern living room, a movie theater, a beach setting, or a black void. And even more: there is also a custom setting for each environment.

With HULU you have more than 3000 TV shows and clips available any time you want. With this app you can now stream your entire library of 2D content in 360° fully-immersive environments.

HULU has kind of taken over the VR apps market. It now allows you even to meet with your friends in one of the environments and watch Hulu content together.


With the best VR apps you can now explore all-new worlds of possibilities with exclusive content. Create an incredible environment around and stream your library. The best set of VR features belongs to HULU app, where you can now play with your friends.

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