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This year’s semi-live Mountain View Google I/O event was surprisingly heavy on announcements of things that may or may not come out in the future and pretty light on the stuff we can have our hands on this year. Nevertheless, it was very exciting and here are all the most promising things that were presented.

Refreshed Android 12

The upcoming update of the world’s most popular operating system is going to change the way interact with our smartphones. Unlike the current Material Design, the new Material You (MY) design code is dynamic, which means that it can change to match the needs and liking of each user. The Theming Engine system will change the look of the entire system based on the wallpaper image you set. The entire style has become more “lightweight” and features larger control elements for better accessibility. Google also suggests that the dynamic color schemes may affect third-party apps too! The new OS will also feature major security and privacy updates.

Smart Canvas

Google Suit is one of the most popular cloud collaboration environments in the world and now the apps of the suit are not as isolated as they used to be. Now you can have a video conference right in the doc file and share Drive files without the need to open any additional tabs.


AI is getting deeper and deeper into our everyday lives, but voice assistants are still quite dumb when it comes to processing non-standard queries. Google LaMDA is called to change that by enabling Google’s AI to analyze the context deeper and react more naturally even if the user says something totally new.

Project Starline

Google demonstrated the world’s first 3D video call booth that lets called see each other’s 3D avatars on both sides. It’s quite hard to describe the process with words, so just take a look at it on YouTube. It’s really impressive.

Wear OS Improvements

Long story short, Wear OS gets a load of new pre-installed and third-party applications focused on health tracking. Now the device will be a lot more useful.

Unified Samsung-Google Smartwatch Platform & Foldables

Surprisingly, both tech giants decided to join forces and create a unified smartwatch platform to become more successful in the competition with Apple, the creator of the most popular smartwatch ever. Besides, the companies will collaborate on foldable screen hardware and software development to make foldable devices more appealing.

Phone Remote for Android TV

We all wanted it and now we have it. Your Android smartphone can work as an Android TV remote. At last, it’s not worse than Roku and Amazon!

Car Key Smartphone

The latest Androids with UWB chips can now work as car keys for BMW cars. The feature unlocks the car when you approach it with your smartphone in the pocket. The feature won’t reach other cars very soon, but it promises many new interactions with our cars in the future.

A Bunch of Features for Developers

If you are an Android developer, you will appreciate the updated Arctic Fox Android Studio, Firebase, and the updated Flutter cross-platform devkit. Plenty of changes happened there, so it’s high time for a test run.

So Far, So Much

These were the major announcements at Google I/O 2021. Which of them seem the best and most exciting to you? Let’s chat about it below and don’t forget to share the news with other Android fans.

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