Troll, Starling Eggs, Pregnant Man — New Emojis Are Coming

Troll, Starling Eggs, Pregnant Man — New Emojis Are Coming on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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The new version of Unicode 14.0 will contain some brand-new emojis. Let’s see which quirky images you can add to your chats now.

Do you know who authorizes some emojis to exist, while others are discarded and shoved into oblivion? It’s the Unicode Consortium — a serious non-profit corporation, which is responsible for standardizing the smiley faces. With the new version of Unicode 14.0, we also got a caboodle of new emojis to live up to your written convos. With 37 playful images in total, the new bundle draws inspiration from various sources; it will be available across all active platforms, starting with Android and iOS, above all. So, what do we get?

Now you can turn your family into a whole royal dynasty with the crowned emojis. Choose sex and a preferred skin tone, and voilà: you get a Unicode avatar that bears a majestic golden crown.

There’s also a disco ball, which perfectly serves to hint that you want a party. Two emojis represent an empty bird nest and a nest with the blue starling eggs in it — possibly, a hint of a “new addition to the family.”

Other emojis include a brute-looking troll with a club, coffee beans, an X-ray picture of the bones, bitten lip, and a serious face doing a Roman salutation (the one that John Cena favors). But the real star of the show is an emoji of a pregnant male. There's a whole assortment of those, both with a mustache and without it.

As one of the theories states, it was designed to commemorate the 1994 Junior comedy, in which Dr. Alexander Hesse (Arnold Schwarzenegger) gets pregnant as part of a medical experiment, which is hosted to tackle miscarriages.

As a cherry on top, there’s a cornucopia of handshake emojis, as well as some other hand gestures. To access them, you’ll have to wait till next year.

What do you think about this new emoji collection? Let us know in the comments!

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