Twitter Protects Users from Misinformation about COVID-19

Twitter Protects Users from Misinformation about COVID-19 on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Twitter started its pandemic policy about a year ago. At that time, the service began to ban the tweets and users that promote false treatment information. The main reason for this is to prevent people from spreading the virus. Recently, Twitter announced the new system. The labels about the COVID-19 vaccines misinformation would appear in the users’ timelines.

The company decided to provide this experiment to warn people about possible misleading content. Another reason for this is to train the AI system possibilities. Twitter wants to create an automatic algorithm, which will find the disinformation on the site quicker than it will spread.

Besides the new label system, Twitter introduced another strike system. It uses the same implements, which were applied for voter suppression earlier. If the user has more than two “strikes,” it will be banned for twelve hours. Your account will be blocked for one week when you face four violations, and after five strikes, you won’t be able to restore your account.

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