Twitter Will Get Redesign After Users' Complaints

Twitter Will Get Redesign After Users' Complaints on AllAppsWorld Top Blog
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Twitter updated the design a few days ago to make the app more accessible. The developers used the new Chirp font, left alignment for Western languages, and updated the contrast of links and buttons. It becomes less blue in the palette, and the Read button has changed to black. The interface has also been renewed: Twitter has removed the dividers to provide more visual space and reduced the amount of gray in the background. The service also added new colors to draw extra attention to content.

It led to unexpected consequences. First, most users around the world did not like the new design at all. However, such updates are often disliked by regular customers. Secondly, some people complained of eye fatigue and even headaches after reading tweets. Sensitive people said that this redesign helped them get rid of their "Twitter addiction" because they had to stop using the application to avoid migraines.

Of course, the company could not ignore this kind of feedback. Twitter representatives admitted their mistake and agreed that the new design made the social network less accessible to people with sensory sensitivities. It is reported that the developers will review the changes made on August 12th to make the service more comfortable for all users. The elements' contrast will be revised, and the proprietary "Chirp" font shortcomings will be worked out. The font disadvantages became especially noticeable when used in the browser version on Windows.

Experts believe that the main issue with the released update is that developers rarely offer users multiple options for customizing the product. The flexibility and availability of several fonts and color palettes can make the service more accessible to a wide variety of user categories.

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